Desync hackers at it again? or bad server data?

Please for the love of god Relic. FIX THIS
Hackers gone wild in team games. Had to quit out to even get out of it. Total disgrace.
Wonder what would happen if they added team games to ranked. Mabe this is why they dont .

Can they not ban/fix this server side??

There out in force today. 3 in a row for me. Cant even surrender out or quit out. This is bad
Is this just bad server data and not a hacker? I dont even know anymore.

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Played two team games today with a friend. Both times it was 2 humans vs 2 AI. Both games ended abruptly with out of sync errors. We both had to use Task Manager to shut down the games. In our case neither of us “hacked” anything. This is the first time we have ever experienced this problem. We play 8 to 10 times a week. I think they messed up something in the net code with this update.

How is this thread different from the previous 4 your made on this? Why not bump one of those to ensure a solid trail of information instead of leaving it scattered on the interwebz. Not making life easy for the devs if you literally play hide and seek with information.