Detailed Trailer Analysis

Hey all,

Did my best with the help of my friends and viewers to find every little detail possible in the trailer. It’s a very short trailer with a lot of scene switches and wild camera pans, so a lot of stuff is easy to miss.

Have a look here:


I don’t know if you guys know Gamerzakh, but he did it too. He made some good points.

And spirits of law too.

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Blacksmith and Goldsmith. There’s a little pile of gold close to the other building. The art style from a distance does look like a beautiful painting of Marc Chagall. Trebuchets should have boulder carts behind them imho. Also rocks do not explode like grenades.

But I do love what I see at this first glance. :smiley:

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Thanks for the video, but have to respectfully disagree with various elements on what you want done with the game.

You want arrows as big as arms so you can see them better? I like fine, realistic, intricate details in games as opposed to exagerrated, potentially cartoony, sizes. Your suggestion reminds me a little of how AoE2:DE has thick borders around health bars and thick-lined building placement panes, likely to try and help visibility; but it comes across as cartoony and something more for consoles of yester-year than a PC game. Regardless, this is pre-alpha, there’s a lot that could be done still to make the arrows stand out more without making them airborne poster tubes :slight_smile: Quantity, brightness/contrast adjustments, etc.

I’m a turtler sometimes, so a game created only for RTS attackers is not a good thing. Stacking walls wherever I want to and however many I want to would be delightful :smiley: Don’t worry, I don’t play online much, so you won’t have to play me.

Relic was once familiar with non-linear distance-based scaling of small objects (in Homeworld 2), which was an optional feature. It allowed you to see the important, but otherwise tiny objects in the game, such as projectiles.
It doesn’t have to be one or the other, but for competitive play, it’s important to start seeing where the projectiles are going before the units are already injured.

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I’m hoping AoE4 would either span through the ages (as seen in the first preview), similar to how it is in Empire Earth or be set during the late 19th century and early 20th century (it would have a World War I setting).