Details appreciation thread -- Share your favourite details

Thought I’d make a post where we can point out small things that we do find enjoyable about AoE4 to start the new season out with some positivity. Now, this isn’t a post about balance or direction, but instead little additions that makes the game interesting to us individually.

Here are a few examples of mine.

This is a simple feature, but I do love that our villagers actively carry the items they are holding. I loved this back in Age of Mythology as well, but they’d put away their items once they started walking. In AoE4, they carry them!

In most RTS games I have played, you can usually only see a difference in a Tower when it becomes the “next level” upgrade. While this is true for AoE4 as well, I love that we are able to see minor upgrades like emplacements too.

I think the blueprint for a building looks great. Though IMO I wish it was a little more visible, to enjoy it more.

I enjoy how there is are different Trade Outposts for regional biomes. It adds a nice touch of flavour that, had it been only one model like it is for the Sacred Sites, no one would’ve complained.

I enjoy these little flags that appear when Siege is ready to fire. Honestly wish they were on all the time!


And a little bonus, not sure if I enjoy it but I found it curious how every tree is named, despite having the same amount of resources.

So, what about you guys? Are there any little interesting details you find enjoyable about the game?


I enjoy the use of evolving language. The audio design of AoE4 has always felt like a natural improvement from the earlier games. I am not sure there are as many different vocal tracks as in AoEO, but AoE4’s vocals sound very authentic and well sourced from linguists, at least to my under-educated ears. I would probably give the vocals in AoE4 5 out of 5 stars.


I really do enjoy the little things in the game :smiley:
And also thanks for pointing these out !


i like historical details of the game, below are the imperial offical changes of costume from song dynasty to ming dynasty in the game which is based on real life costume change from the same time, from cloth to headwear


With the Abbasid which is my main i love how the House of Wisdom adds wings and you actually see the building having parts added.


Very cool details.

Speaking of villagers they have little animations while working where they will take a small break and wipe their brow or stretch. It doesn’t actually affect their gathering of course, it just replaces one of the normal chopping or picking animations.

Similiar to the tower upgrades, some techs change parts of units’ models like their weapons or armor. Same with techs like Enclosures which actually adds little fences to English farms.

Melee units have different charging animations.

The sound design has a lot of cool details. The whispering in stealth, the music changing when battles occur and age ups happen, cannons can be heard echoing in the distance if you pan away, the sound of marching and hooves is actually dependent on how big the army is, etc…

China harvests rice instead of wheat.

Farms are harvested in small subsections and you can see the villagers move from section to section and the ones they’ve already harvested eventually growing back in stages.

Also important because it allows people to scout and see which wing the Abbasid player is building.

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This is the first one in the whole AOE series which can give villagers and soldiers of every civ with distinctive clothing or armor in the first version after pulished. This is the biggest comparative advantage of AOE4.

However, it is not enough. There are still some details need to be improved.
Like speaman of every civs are equiping same gursarme which is sort of recognizable European weapon. Honestly, spearmen need more love just like those knights. Especially while spearmen always apear in large group in game.


Age of Mythology also has that possibility, it just isn’t used to its full capacity

Every unit in every civ in Age of Empires Online has its own unique skin, clothing, etc. but it is nice still to see it in AoE4.

AOE online? I really haven’t heard of it or seen it on the website. If that so, it is really a remarkable work which is easily to be ignored.

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  • I love how languages evolve over time.
  • buildings and units have all different skins depending on the civ you play
  • each civ has its own soundtrack
  • the sound design on this game is awesome and towns feel so alive on this game with units occasionally talking and chatting.

Try the folling:

  • Start AOE4
  • Enjoy the AOE4 theme
  • Open a skirmish match
  • Play around with different civs In the civ-selection dialog
  • Enjoy the slightly introduced civ specific changes to the default AOE4 theme. This detail is so incredible!