Dev agents - what does it mean?

Hello there,

Just a quick question. Some of moderators here are also “Dev Agents”:

What does it mean? Are you guys a little bit of Devs representative here and maybe know a little bit more what’s going on behind the scenes?

(Blink if you know anything about DLC with new civs :smiley: )


It’s just a joke, because some guy called us mods " dev agents " xD
We thought it would be funny if we really Tag us that way


Because we are agents, but it’s a secret, don’t tell anyone!

I have 2 theories:

  1. Because they’re the dev minions, but they didn’t like the sound of that, so the Devs named them “Dev Agents”, a sort of euphemism.

  2. Because their original name was “Dev Spies”, but then they sent the “Agents” card, so the Spies become Agents, which have greatly increased line of sight and more hitpoints…


the reason is simple, some dude didn’t like getting told to be civil so called us dev agents, and we then choose the name to make fun of him, its not deeper than that.


I actually love theory 2 xDD

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That’s actually hilarious :joy: Well done!

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FBI ¡Open up! You must destroy this message in 10 seconds.