Dev, can we have sperate spectator slots and and reconnect feature in AOE:DE?

The title says it all, our AOE:DE community is struggling with hosting tournaments since there’s no spectator slot, and the lack of reconnect feature.


“Dev, can we have sperate spectator slots and reconnect feature in AOE:DE?
We definitely want to keep this great game alive and organize and host tournaments ourselves.
Can you help us at least a little bit?”



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I want spectator slots too, but what does “reconnect” mean in this case? Being able to save multiplayer games so we can resume them later?

Being able to reconnect to the game if you get disconnected for some reason.

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It’s not simple feature to add for old game. Otherwise they would added it to all AoE1,2,3 DEs while changing multiplayer system.

Well, the function to continue playing after a game crash has already existed since the original version of part 2. Namely save. I know, it’s totally crazy, but it was once thought that this might be integrated in the DE version of part 1. But of course this assumption was idiotic.
And that with the spectator slot - I’m curious how long it will take until they release this feature for Age2 jubilantly.

Many greetings.

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It’s not simple feature to add for old game.

Development-wise, it’s a simple feature to add.

Plus, the game already has a reconnect feature. It’s just a matter of deciding on how long to allow for the user to reconnect and whether the game should be paused once the player has disconnected. If it should be paused, how long should the pause be and how many such disconnects can occur before the user automatically forfeits because it ruins the game experience.

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Am I missing something? Since I cant find the reconnect feature on AOE:DE :frowning:

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It’s an auto reconnect that happens in-game. In the middle of the screen, there’s a message saying that it’s attempting to reconnect. If it can re-establish a connection within a certain period, it reconnects the person and then accelerates through the time to the current time in the game. The game doesn’t pause.

Unfortunately, my internet disconnects often, so I’ve experienced the reconnect feature often.

Once fully disconnected, there’s not a way to manually reconnect.

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for new game yes, but let me remind you game used to be p2p. otherwise please explain why it’s not in game already? wouldn’t make any sense leave it out for no reason when every multiplayer game with servers has it

P2p doesn’t matter. Same concept applies there as well.

As mentioned, the game already has a reconnect feature. Please re-read my replies above for more detail.

That isn’t an actual reconnect feature, It only sends changes from the last successfully synced point.

Reconnect feature would have to send the game state as it is, and not send all the changes made during the whole game.

It is a reconnect feature. The person had disconnected, then gets reconnected without forfeiting the game.

To be a reconnect feature, it doesn’t matter how it’s done. All that matters is that it reconnects (thus the name).

If you want to talk about other ways of how to continue a game after a person loses internet connection, go for it. There are many ways to eat an apple.