Dev Don't add Auto Queue things in AOE4

ES try to add it in AOM Titan and it was failure
so they didnt add it in Aoe3, dont bring it back in AOE4
it have reason why aoe2 have the most player base
because when you play you have so much to do and so many room to improve your economy, dont remove theses mechanic on the next AOE4 pls


I think this has been discussed to death, and the overall consensus (by a landslide majority) is that auto-queue is a bad thing for a serious RTS.

But I’ll still throw my 2c behind this post. Don’t do it in AOE4. It takes skill away from one of the core facets of any RTS - your army composition, and multitasking. Another great RTS - Homeworld - never had an auto-queue. I’d say that’s one of the most popular RTS’s as well. The fine details of the game and strategy aren’t on the same level as Age, but they got a lot of things right.


I prefer to repeat because not much quality RTS out there recently and i have big hope for AOE4. It will bring SC2 and Aoe2+3+mythology Players together if they dont add things like auto scout or auto queue thing to ■■■■ up the game

Auto Queue is a must

I am certain that Auto cue shouldnt ever extend beyond the reach of settler training. Even for settler training the game becomes duller

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Then let’s remove auto farm reseed and auto fishtraps for coherence? And drive every single casual player away from the game?

Yes please remove that auto farm again. It sucks so hard, game did become more boring because of it. Having to remember and qeue farm was a small little minigame in the game and fun. Also you looked your wood away, so it was balanced. This all went to ■■■■.

Instead of auto fishtrap, they should have added a fish trap queue.

Auto scout is another major offense. Me a noob player, now just clicks one button and it’s done. Wow so much fun. Yes I could scout manually as I have Done it the past, but I suck at it. Still it was more fun actually doint it, but it is the less effective way of playing for me so I don’t do it.

These thinks ruin games when more and more auto ■■■■ is added.

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Completely disagree. Auto reseeding and scouting have been great qol features. They do not take anything meaningful from the game, on the contrary, they add to it, time to spare on the fun, strategic aspects of the game that do not feel like a tedious click per second chore that has to be done as fast as possible in order to not fall back in the arms race.

That is such an outdated and anti-competitive design decision, to load the player’s life with tons of unnecessary micro to keep their life engaged, which of course was perfect back in 1999 when esports and the competitive scene were still at an embryonic -if existent at all- stage, but would be horrible today.

I also believe that had we been able to survey the whole AoE2:DE playerbase on the matter, the majority would be pro the existence of those features. The satisfied players do not feel as firm the need to come on these forums and express their feelings. But the dissatisfied ones, typically seek for every chance to do so.

Some say that would be a feature for the “casual” audiences. I assume that most people’s definition of “casual gamer” is a non-competitive one. Now, I’m not against the inclusion of this audience -which is also typically the largest one- at all, on the contrary actually. But I could also argue the exact opposite of that case. The casual audience would be more likely to spend their in-game time inefficiently and non-competitively, by taking their time to reseed their farms or goof around with their scout and units without minding their multi-tasking or overall performance.
Thus, the casual audience is deriving its largest portion of pleasure not by their winrate or competence at the game but by enjoying small things like those and the general feeling of the game.
The competitive players care how to allocate their time optimally in the first place, whereas casual players don’t. Therefore, the competitive ones are the ones benefited by those changes.
Geojak92’s post above says it all in a very graphic way:

Yes please remove that auto farm again. It sucks so hard, game did become more boring because of it.

Auto scout is another major offense. Me a noob player, now just clicks one button and it’s done. Wow so much fun. Yes I could scout manually as I have Done it the past, but I suck at it. Still it was more fun actually doint it

My opinion is what is heard from many RTS or ex-RTS players recently, that they would want to be able to take some time during a game, to think, plan ahead and strategize, rather than smash keys and mouses as fast as possible. This is obviously much harder to do when you have to micro-manage tons of little bothersome things here and there or forced to deal with a too fast-paced game. From what I hear that is quite a rising opinion among players which spurred for example the development the Iron Harvest type of RTS.

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Well I think sheevaa1 is right, main RTS feature is to out-build your enemy,
so game needs there mechanics to do so.

Does anybody know Cossacks Series? Well in Cossacks 3 you can Auto Queue Production and resources are infinite, it comes at a cost, that’s its quite time intensive to win a match, as you it’s not easy to out-build your enemy, and the focus on shooting units does lead to quite massive blob issues.

But is it the right approach to do so many things manually? All factors have to be balanced.
I personally really miss win World Wonder in Cossacks, you can win there optional by points/timer.


Problem is, its combination of 2 different concepts.

Original concept for Unit Abilities did inherit from games where you did have small armies. Like Warcraft 3. By 5 till 10 units you have time to check each unit, to activate his power move.

The other concept, with large armies from C&C and Age of Empires, does rather rely on how you assign your units to fight.

What happens if both concepts do get combined? Exactly it turns into a big mess. Imagine suddenly to check in AoE2 each unit, like archer, to make his sniper arrow ability. That’s how awful modern games did it, so its results in smash keys game.

Why not add instead a side bar for units like in C&C?
I mean you have there very good overview what units you can buy.

So you won’t have to got each time back to the building.

Auto que is a must!!!

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Auto queue seems fine if manual queuing still lets you squeeze out that extra 10-20% efficiency. This means in competitive games, intermediate and above, everyone is queuing everything flexing their APM prowess, but beginners are onboarded to playing actual strategies faster.