Dev, please ban the cheat tool advertisers at custom lobby

Hi Aoe4 developer,

For the past 2 weeks, these two bot accounts have been advertising their cheating software 24 hours at custom lobby. Everyday they advertise different cheating software features at custom lobby and invite people to join QQ 群 (a chinese social site similar to discord or AOL messenger) to purchase the software.

  1. windows916622

  2. JinShanX

For those who don’t read mandarin language, the custom lobby title they created is translated as follow:

  • 全图外挂 Q群 ######## Maphack Cheat Tool QQ Invite ID ########
  • 出售联机外挂 Q群 ######## Selling Multiplayer Cheat Tool QQ Invite ID ########
  • 多人作弊修改器 Q群 ######## Multiplayer Cheat Tool QQ Invite ID ########
  • 联机资源外挂 Q群 ######## Multiplayer Resource Cheat Tool QQ Invite ID ########

Everyday they advertise different features at custom lobby and if one is to join their QQ groupchat. One will be instantly spam with hundred of adverts messages (mainly pornographic sites and taobao site).

Please take action by introducing auto disconnect for account afk at custom lobby more than 1 hour.
Thank you.


Just posting update on the custom lobby cheat tool advertiser profile name changed.

  1. JinShanX has changed his name into AI

Seem like their custom lobby title is now worded in a way to stay on top on the custom lobby list.

This particular account has recently created a new Q social site and resorted to using traditional chinese language in the custom lobby title to avoid association with the other cheat tool advertiser when both accounts clearly belong to same individual.

Relic, please take action.


Thanks forall the info but please put it into REPORT section next time ( there is way better Chance of devs. seeing this there)


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@XARDAScoh sorry should i place it under report a bug section or other section cause I cant find that section in the section list

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No need to be sorry man. Thank you for your report :slight_smile:

Now it should be fine and I even tagged a dev. who is reading a most such a threats. He is about to read it on Monday once he will be at work I guess.

Good job mate :heart:


You’ve got me :laughing:.

Sorry you are seeing this @DwightFalcon, and I appreciate you taking the time to post. I’ll put this in the hands of CS right now.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @SavageEmpire566 , sorry for the ping again.
There’s a new bot account from that site.

Also before the mass ban of QQ users from foreign IP from the cheat tool Q group (new IP display feature implemented by the Q social site), I happen to read their discussion threads on how the tool developers are planning to add ip masking and MAC address hiding feature for paid users.
Not sure how they plan to implement it since I am not good in computer coding stuffs.

Anyway thanks again for new patch update.

EDIT: it appear that the account has gone offline after I post this. Thanks for the quick action
EDIT#2: Nvm the account is up again.

Thank you @DwightFalcon! I’ve passed this along to CS; action should be taken momentarily. Much appreciated!


This new account pop out today and advertise this “nuke room” mode or ddos player feature in their cheat client.

Please take action.
Thank you.

Seen—thanks @DwightFalcon!

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Hi @SavageEmpire566 , sorry for the ping again.

Recently the cheat tool advertising at custom game lobby has gone rampant and out of control.
Not to mention some of them are malicious are not even cheat tool related to aoe4.

On weekdays, 6-10 custom lobbies advertising the cheat tool.
On weekdays, 15+ custom lobbies advertising the cheat tool.

From what I observe, their pattern of advertising are as follow:
a) 2 custom lobbies advertising Paid Version which include “nuke/ddos mode”, “key log”… etc
b) 6+ custom lobbies advertising Free Version which include

Attached screenshot below is example (first one is paid cheat tool advertiser, rest is free version advertising)

Paid cheat tool advertiser

This account I managed to screenshot before the lobby is deleted (I assume the cheat tool advertiser accidentally use his main account)

This account will spam message user to another unrelated gaming site which encourage gambling / scam

Bot Account (1)

Bot Accounts (5+ with same names)

There is one more bot accounts which advertise cheat tool but will direct “horny” players to a porn pirate site. (Only seen it once last week)

Please take action.
Thank you.


Attached is video showing cheat tool advertiser at custom lobbies (6pm GMT+8 01-12-2022)

New Bot Accounts

Appreciate the thorough report on this @DwightFalcon. I’ll mention this to Support and also push this up the chain. Much appreciated!

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Thank you for the quick response.

Just updating as there are two new bot accounts.

Both bots accounts played with each other and then afk in all their games before starting the custom lobbies advertising activities.
I have checked all their replays and saw the same things.

#EDIT : Seem like they are banned while I am posting this. Thank you.