Developers are wrong about what players want.This article is so important, please support me!

Here I want to give you my understanding of the game.

First of all, the game is now as I understand it, you can build and attack in Era 2. But you’re running a risk, because while you’re on the march, the other side can already build up a resistance force. And you get attacked instead. As a result, each game will be played until Age 3 before the actual combat takes place. Age of Empire ii is harder to attack because the buildings are stronger to defend. In Age of Empires iv, no one dares to attack. (most current Era 2 attacks are harassment) because getting to Era 3 is too fast and too easy.

Getting back to the basics, this is very bad for the era 2 offense, and very variable. The game itself needs to be fought quickly, not tested over a long period of time to see if the player is functioning properly. The game becomes a solitary, fixed play. Developers want players to have a lot of choice, and each unit should have its own set gameplay. This approach is contradictory. As a result, many archers were created to attack the enemy, who could easily use cavalry for restraint. First of all, a small number of cavalrymen can easily knock down a small number of archers, so the design is correct. But when a large number of archers attack, the opponent can choose cavalry or heavy infantry, as well as engineering weapons. There are so many choices. But you have to get to Age 3. Age of Empires 4 and Age of Empires 2 have the same attack mechanic, which is addition and subtraction.In Era 3, you can easily neutralize enemy forces with a small number of units. 3. It takes a long time for an enemy to build a decent army (not long compared to Age of Empires ii). However, age of Empires iv has a significantly lower cost to age III than Age of Empires II. The reason is that Age of Empires IV has many ways to build an army quickly. With the advent of Era 3, this ability to rapidly build forces was further enhanced.

What I’m saying is that the price to get into Era 3 is too low.

If a player starts to get a feel for the units in Era 2, he can quickly enter Era 3. Build a small army, by this time, you can already enter the age3. Age of Empires ii, as you enter Age 3, you need to upgrade technology to take advantage of the advantages of Age 3. In Age of Empires iv, no upgrades were required to immediately produce an army that was significantly superior to Era II. This straight-to-age 3 gameplay is too powerful.

What’s the downside of being too powerful?

I can answer this question with great confidence. That’s the game’s big flaw. If we want to go to Era 3 and build an army we need nine minutes. And the opponent is also attacking at this time point. Whether you’re in Era 3 or not, the attack time will be around 9 minutes. Not including the harassment that started at six minutes.

So in this 9 minute period. There is little real confrontation between the player and the opponent. By the time LOL gets into real confrontation at 2 minutes, every kill is heavily penalized, and after many kills, the underdog has the ability to turn the game around. Can bring both sides back to the same level of treatment. It takes more effort and skill on the part of the underdog to turn things around. If the underdog continues to make mistakes, it has no chance.

Age of Empires iv is passionless for nine long, boring minutes. What the player is afraid of is the amount of things he can do in nine boring minutes. The player is afraid of making a mistake during the nine tedious minutes of gathering resources. There is only one kind of gameplay, and players must complete it step by step in accordance with the professional player’s process exactly within 9 minutes, in order to have a battle with the enemy after 9 minutes. So the game became rigid.

I don’t think developers want the gameplay the way it is now.

Every player wants to attack quickly in 2-3 minutes, get rewarded, and feel the full power of the game. I think every player wants to feel the way soldiers fight in every age. I think every player loves every era. Not just for age 3.
Finally, please do not make every nation weak. We all want to be strong.
首先,游戏现在按我的理解是,你可以在时代2造兵进攻。但是你将充满风险,因为你在行军的过程中,对面已经可以打造出一支足以抵抗的军队。并且你反而被对手进攻。这导致每一把游戏都会进行到时代3才真正地进行战斗。帝国时代2因为防御的建筑物比较强所以难以进攻.而帝国时代4却变成了谁都不敢进攻。(目前大多数时代2地进攻都是骚扰) 原因就在于到达时代3太快了,太容易了。
回到本来地话题,这样对于在时代2进攻是非常不利的,并且充满非常多的变数。 而游戏本身我们需要快速地进行对抗,而不是长时间地考研玩家是否正常运营。游戏变成了一个孤独地,固定的玩法。而开发商却想要让玩家具有非常多的选择性,并且每个单位都应该有自己的固定玩法。这样的做法是互相矛盾的。导致的后果就是,造了很多个步弓手去进攻敌人,而对手能够轻易地使用骑兵进行克制。首先少数地骑兵可以毫不费力地将少量的步弓手打倒,这么设计没错。但是当大量的步弓手进攻时,对手可以选择骑兵或者重型步兵,也可以使用工程武器。选择非常多。但你必须进入时代3.而帝国时代4与帝国时代2的游戏攻击机制一样,都是加减法。进入时代3,可以使用少量的部队轻松化解敌方军队。前提是进入时代3.而敌人想要打造一支像样的军队需要很长一段时间(相对于帝国时代2并不长)。但帝国时代4进入时代3的代价明显低于帝国时代2. 原因在于帝国时代4有很多方法可以快速地建造一支部队。而进入时代3,让这种快速建造 部队的能力进一步加强。
我可以非常自信地回答这个问题。也就是这个游戏的巨大缺陷。 如果要进入时代3,并且打造一支军队我们需要9分钟。而对手也在这个时间点进攻。无论你是否进入时代3,进攻时间点都会在大约9分钟。当然不包括6分钟时候开始的骚扰。

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Here are some more helpful suggestions. When I think about it. I will write about it in this article. What I said last night. I now feel that I have miraculously expressed the understanding of play.

Here are some more helpful suggestions. When I think about it. I will write about it in this article. What I said last night. I now feel that I have miraculously expressed the understanding of play. (In addition, AGE of Empires 4, which I wrote earlier, was subject to machine translation and felt like I couldn’t go on writing. I’ve written age of Empires 4 novels before. At that time, it was thought that there would be no Age of Empires. In my age of Empires, soldiers could also climb the walls. There’s a mechanic, but the game doesn’t show it. You may be afraid of bugs. )

这里我再提一些非常有用的建议。当我想到地时候。我将写在这篇文章中。昨晚我发表的那些看法。我现在觉得我竟然不可思议地表达出了游戏地理解。 (另外我之前写的帝国时代4,受机器翻译,有种写不下去地感觉。我以前写过帝国时代4小说。那时候以为不会有帝国时代4.在我的帝国时代4里面,士兵也可以上城墙。并且还有一个机制,但这款游戏竟然没有将其呈现。可能害怕电脑出现bug。) )

Trees cannot be destroyed when building first. Deer should not be exposed. How players race each other to hunt. We need to make the hunt more interesting. In order to do this, the impact of trees on the visual field needs to be further strengthened. Scouts need to look for deer in the woods and kill them.Let’s talk about ambush mechanics in the game
We should make scouts harder to detect when soldiers are stationary in the woods. Also, the scout’s health is reduced, making the reconnaissance mission more difficult. This game is all about strategy. I want to spy on the other side, not be spy on the other side. If both sides know exactly what the other is doing, the game is meaningless.
我们应该让士兵在树林中静止不动的时候,侦察兵更难地被侦察到。 同时侦察兵地血量减少,使得侦察任务变得更难。这款游戏拼的是策略,我想侦察对面,而不想被对面侦察。如果双方都非常清楚对方在干嘛,游戏就毫无意义。

Out of about 30 ranked games so far, almost all of them have been ended with both players on age 2, I’ve won alot of games punishing enemies for going to age 3 while under pressure. From my experience this game has an insane rush meta, and every game I’ve tried to be greedy, I’ve been punished and lost.


Feudal attacks can start much earlier than 9 minutes. If you see your opponent play for a fast castle age you can easily prevent it by putting a single unit on their gold pile. Outside of Mongols and maybe english fast castle is not a good strategy currently.

Most 1v1s are finished with both players still in feudal.