Developers, Can you check these for next update?

Can someone contact developers and ask these for next update?

  1. Why can’t we see players decks in the lobby? Can you add this feature back in the game again, like old age of empires 3? We are rehosting almost every game in Treaty 60 games because we do not want to waste our time farming 60 minutes. It would be great if we can just see the decks and warn players about their wrong cards. Since we are very experienced players, it is very frustrating for us to restart the game 10 times in a row just to find experienced players like us.

  2. During treaty 60 we need to build at least half map, we can’t even take natives while our enemy sometimes can take the native depending on the spawn. For example, in Orinocco map, when we are playing Treaty 60, we are not able to take Tupi native most of the time, meanwhile enemy team can have it sometimes and viceversa. Could you at least extend the starting town center build range for Treaty 60? Or Could you just make the building section for completely half map? For example in the Orinocco map the limit can be the river itself. Since that is the place we never cross out of respect to other team in the game.

  3. Can you add more maps like Orinocco for treaty 60 players? Currently it is the only best map for Treaty 60 players like us, We want to fight long on the middle of the map after farming for 60 minutes. We are not trying to go after base and kill the enemy troops. Our purpose is to fight to the end until our resources drains.

Developers, Treaty 60 players need your help. Please consider these 3 questions. I hope this message will reach out to you.
Thank you

Isn’t the new Atlas map meant for this?

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Atlas is not good because a trade route going through our base and we cannot even build walls. If it was completely half map build, yes it would work.

(This maybe is a stupid question, but…)
There are really people who play treaty for 60 minutes???
Why don’t you just play treaty for 20 minutes with high starting resources?
Yes, with a 60 minute treaty you can do all the freaky things that the geeks of the 60 minute treaty like to do, but… you are wasting so much time…
(You can do whatever you want, I’m just saying)

If we all start with high resources that wouldn’t make it fair for everyone. Because everyone has a different boom tactic and it all depends on those 60 minutes. And yes, there are a lot of players who are playing treaty 60. But we are having these problems that I listed on the topic and I wish developers could help us.

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