Developers need to make 30 historical battles from knight of the Mediterranean

Developers need to make 30 historical battles from Knights of the Mediterranean DLC and combine them with historical maps to make interesting historical flavor


You want them to add 30 Missions to the DLC for free?

That’s more then the Original AoE3 had.


Of course the Developers has to dlc 30 historical battles only in Europe war make first

So you mean a second DLC that is just 30 single player missions?

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Yes, only after dlc is released can 30 historical battles be Developers combined with historical maps to Enough

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Paid DLC of Single player content only? For me its okey.

But not for free, devs needs money to work

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I would buy a campaign pack.


I think a campaign only DLC wouldn’t sell well.
People judge DLCs too much by the number of civilisations.
And AoE3 has the problem that civilisations and single player missions are harder to make compared to AoE2 on top of AoE3 content selling less.
So they rather give us 2 civilisations and little single player content then 1 or even no civilisations when you get get 2 civilisations for the same price for AoE2.

I single minor civilisation in AoE3 has more content then a playable civilisation in AoE2 and this DLC will have 9 of them.

Make it cheap then, and obtainable for free from completing challenges.

Yes I hope AoE3 we need new 8 campaign only for European battles and 30 historical battles Developers should be allowed to make up from DLC

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But well, a campaign pack sold as a campaign pack can’t be judged by the numbers of civs within.

The good thing about civilisation DLCs is that they are nice to have for both Singleplayer and Multiplayer people.
People that only play for Multiplayer won’t be interested in a campaign DLC so it won’t sell as well.
It is more work and well sell less then adding new Civilisations.

You are asking for a lot… be grateful if you get 3 historical battles and already…