Developer's suggestion: change all European explorers from new cards military commander to officers' skin and American generals to 19th century style (automatic skin change after upgrading from industrial age and imperial age)

Developers must be replace the skin of all European explorers with the skin of officers after the new officer card in their home city , such as British officers, French officers, German officers, Russian officers, Dutch officers, Spanish officers, Portuguese officers, Ottoman officers and Swedish officers. The skin of American generals must be upgraded automatically from the 19th century


I agree with this :+1:

This means creating sooo many new skins. I would prefer that energy be directed elsewhere like new outlaws or mercenaries that do not change appearance by age


At least the explorers should have icons matching their models (like the explorer card)
I wonder why they have the artwork done but still chose to use the same icon for all explorers.

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Of course the European All explorers will upgrade their cards in their home city to model units of officers in the 17th 18th and 19th centuries, so as to meet the standard level of real history

Quizás no tenga nada que ver pero, por ejemplo hay unidades que de por si usan armas modernas como la caballería de usa que usan rifles winchester o los renegados que usan escopetas, asi que he estado pensando… y si las unidades de mosquetería y de guerrilla empezara usar armas de repetición? como rifles de cerrojo… no lo se pero por ejemplo el neftenya de los etiopes utiliza un rifle de cerrojo con cargador y todo xd pongan el modo foto y acérquense a ver el rifle es demasiado moderno xd

I think the The American general’s models of the 19th century can be stacked automatically after upgrading from the industrial age to the imperial age It can’t be stacked according to the game mechanism of Cossacks and America conquest which must be reasonable

Nahh noo remake the age up menu that looks old

Developers hope to be an officer of all European countries (the cards can no stacked after upgrading from the home city, so that the unit can rectify the formation). The model must be made into the unique style of the officer model of Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Ottoman, Portugal and Sweden from the 17th century to the 19th century (automatically changing the model after entering the commercial Age to the imperial Age) It must be in line with the real and historic breakthrough

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It seems that developers should redo the new cards in the main cities of all European countries. After the cards are issued, there should be new skills or the officers should be upgraded to Colonel cards. After the cards are Fortress Age, at least 10 Musketeers should be transported. After the cards are general in the industrial age, marshal card in the Imperial age the names of all officers should be changed and updated so this is good idea

All European factions should swap their scouts for a general when they go Imperial or Revolutionize.

He left it to everyone’s discretion whether the change should be just aesthetic or include all the mechanics and abilities that generals have.

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The change wouldn’t have to be drastic - all you need is the Inspirational Flag mechanic and Explorer’s reskin to the General. Every European and postcolonial empire civs hero unit could have the Inspirational Flag mechanics!

Another cool option would be to costumize the civ flag, as does changing the Explorer skin. For example, in this way the French would be able to use the revolutionary flag, while the Germans would be able to use the flag of the united German Empire.


Nooo please, that flags are lame as hell


Ok your reaction was funny :laughing:

From the gameplay, the flag seems to me that the revolutions could use them well.

For the imperial age, I don’t know what to say, I think it depends on who you ask.

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Sure this good ideas I just wish for you

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Sure this good time to The European explorer’s card issued by a military commander from the home city we can be changed into an officer or cavalry officer’s skin. It can only be changed automatically after the upgrade of the times to But it can’t be stacked. all European Officers have their own aura and buff attack skills to command attack weapons. The actions of pistols and halberds are more instructive

yes please more blanket euro buffs for no reason

card military commander he is to all European explorer’s the change to officer You can have three new skills. However, in all European revolutionary countries, all officers are replaced by European revolutionary officers to increase the halo effect but we need the United States new card is United States military commander in home city transport one officer


they’re very low res and don’t fit the art style of unit portraits.

The artwork needs to be re-drawn of course but they can use the same design.