Devs actually listen our suggestions, and what if FE and Relic work together?

Good morning everyone. I am so pleased with the developers by finally showing themselves in the forum posts. But before they did that I noticed a lot of graphical improvements (that already shared regarding their latest stream) in this forum. Now they are doing streams with some developers that answer questions live and now they are appearing in some posts promoting the feedback. So all I can say is thank you so much Relic and devs reading this for such an amazing attitude. Now we can expect only good news in the upcoming days and it’s motivating many to pre-purchase the game.

Now I just have a little suggestion, we all loved the graphics overhauling the 3 games had with Forgotten Empires, not even a bad comment regarding graphics.

We who love playing CoH as well, also love how impressive and stunning Relic work was in that saga.
So what could we expect from a merge of Relic and FE? nothing but epicness… This is just a suggestion, they can do a great job graphically speaking, adding the visuals the equivalent to the sound design (best sound design for any RTS so far). Well why not give those basic but great graphics an extra boost? I still have in mind manned siege weapons, better siege weapons destruction and bigger (and more noticeable) cannon balls rolling on the surface, ragdolls, better and more unique (according to the civ and historically accurate) ships designs. better gaia and more details and metallic armor effects on units.

What else do you have in mind that could come from a merge from FE and Relic to polish the game?

P.D not saying by any chance that Relic is doing wrong, they are doing phenomenal, but it can be even better since they both work in our beloved AoE saga.


Forgotten Empires is helping out in the playtesting/balance department afaik, they said it on the latest stream (English vs HRE).

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Holy crap! I’m famous!


I like your entusiasm but i would not expect more improvements. This Is the final graphic for the game. There Will be Little updates but textures Will remain the same. Don’t expect nothing Better in this terms. And i’m One of the people really Interested to graphic.


well , a man can dream … or maybe not?


aye! lets just dream.

that is good to hear!! maybe they can help with the graphics too, mostly textures and animations that can add inmersion to the game :smiley: I dream with a game as sensational as the sound design

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I love the graphics as they are - textures could definitely use improvements though. On units, buildings, and water artifacts.


we all agree graphics are great as they are, but yeah I am refering about details, textures, animations and a lot of other things that I am sure they can help to improve :slight_smile: