[Devs] Are there any plans to bring back the profile icon rewards for the USA event

Going through the Mexico event right now made me think about how I (and probably many others) missed out on those profile icons.

Would be nice if we’d get a second chance to get them.


I definitely agree. It’s difficult sometimes to find the time to complete all the event challenges what with work/school for many players and it would be nice if some of the old challenge rewards were brought back, either by bringing back the challenges or through some other means.


To add, I wish they made many of the challenges in a way so that you could play the new civilization as you complete them. I found myself for both challenges being asked to play all these different specific civilizations, all of which took time away from exploring the new civilization! I don’t want to revolt into Mexico as Spain, I want to play the new Mexico!

I know they have to make the challenges so that they are available to all players regardless of whether they own the new DLC or not, but perhaps in the future they could add the option to complete the challenge with “Play [Old Civilization] OR [New Civilization] on this map,” or something like that.

I completed the US challenges up to Michigan but now my OCD is kicking in and want the rest of those icons, especially now since I’ll be getting all the Mexican ones.

I think the challenges should just always be available until you complete them.

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