Devs deleted Public Update Program!

That means we cant test patches anymore.

Well either they got too few or too bad feedback. Maybe they just saw how many bugs got through nevertheless and now going back to just give out untested stuff, so they can go again with “yeah but testing is so expensive” excusions 11

I really think the pup was introduced way too late. I myself was highly motivated to find and report bugs with step by step reproductions when this game launched. But after some time I was like “yeah why do I even do that”. Mainreason: most bug reports where commented by devs with “we already track this issue” (no way to know what they track since track section was never updated at all 11) or “cannot reproduce” on a 100% reproducable bug. So you waste an hour reproducing, writing, makingpictures and stuff and the answer is “nope we dont care”

That lead to me never ever even touching the PUP builds…


Which is fun because right now AOE 3 DE will receive a quite big update improving the perfomance by a lot, pus nerfing the African civs properly. (If you check the PUP)

Why is fun? (20 char)

Beceause AOE 3 DE is less popular

Finally nerfong Africans. So the game will be playable again?

I am pretty confident that PUP forums is just hidden because there is no PUP build to be tested. As you said they still have one for AoE3:DE, which isn’t as big as Aoe2 so make no sense to end program.

Or will the next patch be out soon? So the PUP is just closed and opened after the patch is released? Might this be the possible reason?

Jokes on you guys. As i said new PUP build is live.


Someone over reacted go figure.


its like the motto of the forum…