@Devs, DLSS or FSR 2.0 ? will it be integrated in future?

hi devs,

i would love to see dlss or fsr 2.0 for aoe4.

will this be implemented at some point ?



not sure how much either would help, due to image sharpness being poor already, DLSS and FSR are useful ofc, but have an issue of sharing core characteristics of temporal anti aliasing, which blurs the image, and aoe4 has enough blur even with TAA disabled

PS: its also not really needed with scaling as is, i don’t see performance going up by much even with it at lowest quality setting, cause this game isn’t really ever GPU bottlenecked, its CPU bottlenecked, very much so at that

dlss does NOT reduce image sharpness. there are plenty of comparison videos on youtube. apparently you are not quite up to date with this technology.

i would like to have dlss so i can play the game in 4k on a 4k screen.

for 4k dlss can be very useful.

i am familiar with the tech, what you don’t take into the acccount here is the perspective, this is an RTS, and like anno, any degradation to image quality will be much more appearent than in a shooter, also, what specs are you using to wish for DLSS, obviously its nvidia, but which one, so i can better understand the context
PS: also knowing how much work implementing DLSS especially is, devs should be getting this game into more reasonable state first and foremost, add missing features, fix visual and functional bugs, and only then focus on gimmicks like upscaling

i am using a rtx 3060. in 4k it does not run with 60fps. but in 1440p it runs with 60fps. so dlss would help to play the game in 4k in 60 fps. same for rtx 2070.

btw. whats your problem with dlss. why not inplement it. if you dont want, you can turn it off.

I don’t understand your problem.

read the PS part
the game is not in a state where this should be prioritized, also from my experience, living on low spec myself, far
lower than a 3060, 30 fps is mostly playable already, 60 is nice ofc, but you’ll still suffer 50% drops due to cpu bottlenecks, regardless of cpu used

boy, i really don’t know what kind of crazy stuff you’re talking about here. what are you talking about, the game is not in a reasonable state. no idea how you come up with something like that, apparently hundreds of thousands of players can play it normally.

you talk so much nonsense that i honestly don’t want to go into it. what a bottleneck? what 50% drops?

i asked the devs if it is planned that dlss is implemented. and you talk crazy stuff about bottleneck and a supposed bad status.

What’s wrong with you?

I honestly have no desire to such a pointless disskusion.

funny how you call already proven facts nonsense, i suggest you do a bit of search on the bottleneck part, as for incomplete state, it is, was way worse a year ago, but its still not there, there’s still solid number of features older titles in this franchise had that aoe4 straight up lacks, with no assurance they’ll be implemented, stuff like setting game speed, handicap, AI improvements, tactical pause, a bunch of gamemodes that were never absent till now, and so on
so to answer the rude question in polite manner, nothing is wrong with me, and even if you don’t see above mentioned issues, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist

my POV being a player of AOE for last 17 years

:joy::joy::joy:. man man. i play aoe since 1999, what are you talking about nonsense.

what does the time since when you play aoe have to do with whether dlss is implemented ?

unbelievable what kind of people are here so on the road. :joy::joy::joy:

i have nothing against DLSS being implemented, but not before above mentioned things, and its very easy to see you don’t know how computers work, since you’re not familiar with concept of FPS drops

hahaha, my god you are such a funny guy. friend, i am system administrator, for linux ans windows servers, and cisco backbone routers. i am working as an IT specialist for over 20 years. my god you are such a funny guy.

ok, i dont know how Computers work , :joy::joy::joy:

was gonna ask why not 3070 then, completely avoids need for DLSS in 4K, but not worth my time, its better spent on getting my mods (not in aoe4, at least yet) further smoothed out,
if you feel like responding, feel free, but i see no point in responding unless you have a really good arguement on why DLSS should be prioritized, besides you, 1 person, and rather small % of playerbase benefiting

omg, my god, i have a 3090 pc at my home. but because i am often working on different sites, i am using a notebook also with 3060.

man really i am bored of your strange arguments. :joy::joy:

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The point is, if DLSS is prioritized, that means dev time not going elsewhere. And the game has been riddled with bugs since launch, many of which it still has. So if the devs oblige you, by adding this relatively niche feature (pretty sure most people don’t play at 4k), that means it’s longer until they fix bugs, which affects a much wider population.


You’re claiming that the game isn’t ever GPU bottlenecked with no evidence. Plenty of people play on lower end GPUs. Why did the devs bother adding that extreme low graphical setting mode for AOE4? RX 580s and GTX 1060s are still the most popular AMD and Nvidia GPUs, and I’m pretty sure that they struggle at higher graphics settings @1080p.

Dota 2, which is even less demanding on GPUs added FSR 1.0 and it’s great at adding clarity to the game without impacting performance. It boosts performance for people using integrated GPUs. According to the devs, this took a few days to implement. It makes more sense to implement FSR as it’s easier and faster to implement, and any GPU can take advantage of it. Performance is a very important aspect of any game, just look at all the negative reviews for the new COD


watch digital foundry review, then come back, and to clarify a bit, the longer the game goes, the less gpu begins to matter, especially on 1080p, but it still happens even at 4K, and no, you don’t need 1060 for lowest settings at 1080p, also higher ones, above medium at least, are really hard to tell apart