@devs elo ladder broken games not being counted?! D:

I was ranked #23 2-3 days ago, and yesterday I went 15-2 (5-0 1v1, 4-1 2v2, 2-1 3v3, 4-0 4v4)

I checked the ELO ladder this morning and NONE of the games were counted D:

I don’t know what to do and trying to participate in that AoE4 Tournament in a few days and I might miss qualification because my stats aren’t updated.

IDK what I can do and I recorded all the games I can show footage of the whole run, and nothing was updated.

Can anyone help me pls? Or tell me why the stats aren’t showing :cry: :cry: :cry:

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I believe you have to play 10 matches in a single format so like 10 matches in 1v1 and as long as your ELO is high enough you’ll show up on there.

EDIT: Also judging by the current ladder a lot of it is just people that went 10-0 or 11-1 or something and stopped playing so your ELO might’ve just fallen below the 200 threshold if you have played more than 10 1v1s.

I see. Thanks, this comforts me some. Although I seriously want to participate in the tournament in 2 weeks and qualifiers are on Saturday. And I’m not sure I’ll get a shot unless the ladder updates D: apparently they’re only taking first top 20 players and I was ranked #23 2-3 days ago, and well since it hasn’t updated properly, I’m saddened that this might cause me a tournament D: