Devs have assasinated the Ayyubids

Dear Developers,

Sometimes when you try to outsmart your work you make mistakes. Large ones !
Nerfing the Ayyubids age up time from 40% to 20% was too much.
Why not bring it to a 30% only.

Just because players complain about something, you don’t have to please them.
The nerfs and the changes in the meta are not game essentials unlike errors in the game which is what you are only supposed to address.

Whoever doesn’t like how the game is … should adapt.
You are far away from the initial concept of the game.

I bought the official Age of Empires 4 companion book. I pre-ordered it.
It is irrelevant almost at this point. Therefore, you have been disrespectful to this part of the crowd.

Stop being people pleasers and stop nerfing and changing civs.
This is not fair to the player that wishes to play only one civilization because he will be at a disadvantage, every single time.

Limit the amount of input providers from professional players, their inputs are preferences, they are not developers and they are not studying the impact of a suggestion on the balance of the game.

I will go as far as saying that neither are the developers studying that impact.

My recommendation is retire AOE4 and start working on AOE5, unless you plan on bringing the game back to its original concept and stopping mega nerfs and changes in future updates.

Trust me you will not find a crowd willing to listen if you keep on doing this.
I have been a player since 1997. This is not how changes should be conducted to civilization specific properties.

or you can get better at the game and follow Ur whoever doesn’t like the game should adapt point Ayyubids are still good not all of us 1 trick ur a small majority buffs and nerfs keep the game fresh if u don’t like it there’s other games you can play companies should never tailor to people who don’t try to grow and expand there gameplay u my sir are just tilted and that’s ok but everything you’ve said so far is strait hubris

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