Devs map pick are so bad philosophy

Devs force to play some maps during some period.

Their’ role look like nutritionist of school.

They do force eat some food for health.

and our dev do force to play island.

"You Should do play island if you don’t want, because you should be “Good User of AOE2"”
I am not talking about ISLAND only. It is not matter.

main problem is DEV choose some maps unreasonably.

Very weird and unreasonable think

Let people play free.

Dont force anymap

As in the singleplay.

Use whole map list and vote users what they want to do.

Do not judge please.


I agree that we should choose on the whole list of maps… But c’mon. We never get to play water maps, specially in TG.

Yes, sure, then we will spend the next 20 years playing the same maps, like in the good old days of age of empires. You know you can ban some maps, right? The only “big problem” is if you don’t like more than one map but want to play 4v4.


Yeah, it’s such a shame. If only we had an option to somehow ban maps in matchmaking. :thinking:


What alternative are you proposing? Are you suggesting players can select any map they want to play in 1v1? If that were to be the case, it would take a while for a match to be found with another player who wanted to play on the same map. There always is a tradeoff between giving players options and between having quick matchfinding. Personally I think the devs are doing it fine.

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Its always funny how posters like yourself leave out the part that this is for RANKED play…

“i want to play a ranked game but i want to be in control of what map i play. I only want to be judged on one map :triumph::triumph:

We’re lucky enough as it is that we can prefer AND ban maps. That’s a ton more control than other ranked games give…

If that still isn’t enough control you can literally go play unranked and choose exactly what you want…

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Is this some kind of extended haiku?

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English is maybe not OP’s first language, just saying.

Just introduce lobby elo so people can play whaterever they want in a reasonable way