Devs miss a oppertunity, again

The devs released another update designed to make searching for games more quicker and efficient by expanding the elo acceptable for matching. Although this is all well, the biggest frustration Ive had is most of my matchmaking difficulties have been with getting a map I do not like, and having to leave and try again, again, and again before I find a map that’s acceptable. Really disappointed this hasn’t been resolved by adding map bans/preferences. As I type now I’m on my 7th re-search.


Agree with you. How the hell is there no map ban or pref in this matchmaking. Lets me honest no 1 wants the water map and that other map that only lets you thru the middle.
Tell me they add this in before the ranked comes out.

Yeah the maps are a serious problem

And tell me why it feels like I get archipelago way more than other maps.

I haven’t once had a confluence game out of 20 quick matches yesterday

Agree, the map pool is pretty bad atm.
There are lots of maps that need some adjustments.
Blackforest for me is by far the worst map atm, even worse than water maps. At least with water you get action rather early even if the game drags out.

My problem with water maps is that without fail after 20 mins on the game timer I start lagging extremely hard when I look at water.

The first 20 mins absolutely no lag, then 20 mins hits on the game timer and the game engine just completely dies

I think it’s about striking a balance. The game has seen the number of players drop sharply and people have to wait for games noticeably longer.

So, rolling out additional search restrictions (like map type, etc) likely isn’t feasible right now.

With that said, I agree that it has to be part of ranked match making when that comes around.

my problem is that I get rushed and cleared off even FASTER than in land maps… they add the naval army difficulty that’s why I hate them haha

The maps are not all well balanced; if they fix that then maybe people will want to skip certain maps so often. I will say for RANK games coming I DO NOT AGREE in skipping maps (but I hope they only allow very very well balanced maps in ranks).

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Typically I’d agree with you about not allowing skips in ranked if it was a case where people didn’t want to play them for the sake of difficulty. But the fact of the matter is that this is not the case. People don’t want to play many of these maps because they are either 1. Not balanced at all. or 2. Not fun.

For instance many land maps have resources totally lopsided on one side of the map, or choke points that favor one team over the other consistently. I try to avoid these rather that face potential frustration. Other maps, like archipelago, are simply not fun to me, and i feel that I should have the choice not to play them if I don’t want to for that reason. After all, it’s a game.