Devs need to fix their "language filter"

So, the language filter that the devs have is stupid. i tried to rename rus knights to the word “B o y a r”.

Now, this was a real world historical title. See here: boyar | Russian aristocrat | Britannica

However, the devs are subscribing to a profanity filter that includes this word. First, whoever subscribed to a third party profanity filter instead of actually doing their job needs to be fired for cutting corners and being downright lazy. Its totally bad work ethic, and its as bad as drinking vodka on the job.

Second, and this is more important. The profanity filter needs to be community managed. There are words in foreign languages which I wont say here that SHOULD be on the list. However, there are also nonsensical words on the list, like the name of a class of noblemen in russia.