Devs please, i need your help with one little issue with malta

I want to start saying that thanks for the work that you are doing with this game. You are putting a lot of enthusiasm and it shows.Now i going to start with my little issue.

These are the maltese hospitaliers:

The maltese have a card in fourth age that provides them with a charged shot and 20% of range armor. This is a very good card.

Whats the problem? The problem is that with these card hospitaliers seens like that :joy:
Knights 2

By chance, with the church card (Teutonic, have a improvement that give them -20% speed and +25% damage and with it, they seens like that.
Knights 3

Whats the problem? That the church card is too bad. They only gain 5 damage and lost 20% of their speed… 20%!!! They shouldnt lose more than 10% speed. They shouldnt lose more than 10% speed for 5 damage. With this update they become literally useless. But is the only option to make the hat disappear.

So i want to ask you for two possible solutions.

  1. That the initial card (Dignatarios dont give them a hat.

  2. That the church update would be better. 5 damage cant to cost 20% speed.

Thanks for your attention :blush:


Hi again, I want to refresh this

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They shouldn’t lose any speed for that little damage at all, either make it 15 hp and attack for 10 % speed or leave the bonus as it is and remove the penalty.

Agree 100%, 25% hp at a cost of -20% speed is ridiculously terrible in fact it is laughable.

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But it’s just attack not hp, if it were hp it would almost be fine.

Even worse than I thought. Even for HP it’s trash because you’ve got techs like brits getting +20% hp for -10% speed which is offset by advanced arsenal tech. No way to offset a 20% speed penalty, plus base attack isn’t even high so it’s trash. Should be 25% HP for -10% speed which would be fine considering it’s only for 1 unit and costs a card.

Forgot to mention that knights of the hospital tech is also total crap. 1500 wood so you get 1 hospitaller per hospital built, so if you build max 25 hospitals it will cost you 2500 wood plus 1500 wood for the tech so 4000 wood + the church card to get 25 hospitallers. You can get 20 with the agee 4 card just building/sending forts. You can even get 15 hospitallers with the age 3 card building commanderies which costs like 1700 res and you’ll usually have 1 from german tongue to start with.