Devs, please make it easier to ban players

As it sounds, please make it easier to ban players from future lobbies. The “Player Search” feature does not update recent players right after a match. It’s a pain to jot down their names to ban them. It would be NICE to be able to do it in-game (like during a match). Bad players ruin lobbies when they quit, troll, etc… I want mine to be as good as possible, so 200+ quitter/trolls/etc banned to date.

As the saying goes… when you bump into a butthole, you bumped into a butthole. But when everyone you bump into is a butthole, the problem may not lie in everyone else


7/8 players are fine. 3/10 games I get someone that randomly quits, is ALLCAPSING insults the whole time, or has 1 TC all game while walling allies. Life’s too short for a repeat performance.

How do lobby bans work anyway?
Do they effect the ranked queue in any way?

True but the internet has certain expectations that should go along with it, honestly if someone isn’t “shouting” obscenities in all caps I just don’t really feel at home. That’s what in-game mute is for, which reminds me how badly they need to have a sound setting STRICTLY for alarms and flares and other UI elements like the button presses and such. Flare spamming is the quickest way to make me literally want to choke someone. Once should be enough, but often ISNT for some of you friendly team players out there. A flare and a typed response should be the established courtesty.

As for players force firing on friendly bases and walling in allies resources, etc… I have a list and it only has 4 or 5 names and what they did to land on it.

And if your teammates arent randomly quittting 3 minutes in, you’re not playing Age of Empires II. :slight_smile:

Let me correct that for you:
“And if your teammates arent randomly dropping 3 minutes in, you’re not playing Definitive Edition”

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I don’t believe they affect ranked but for casual it prevents them from joining lobbies you host (and has a handy red line thru their mic in other lobbies so you know who is banned).

@rest, I don’t intend to discuss the rabblerouse that comes with an online game from last millennia that spans multiple languages and generations – I simply want a better UX feature implemented so I can make my games better. Thx

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No I agree with you 100%. It’s your lobby, etc. One problem is I notice people hosting “noob only” lobbies and banning anyone who has ever played a ranked game. I join because I am usually delirious from too many hrs spent up messing with the mod files and just want a relaxing game, and they kick and often ban me because they see the 45% win rate and 30-40 ranked team games I was coaxed into playing as a threat to them murdering weaker players. It might slowly deteriorate the number of games people are playing/joining if the banning thing is too obviously/easily accessible as people anymore are too quick to judge without so much as a word to defend yourself.

My rule is usually if it has “noob game” in the title the game is meant as a learning/practicing/for fun experience and the fast imp seige ram bombard elephants push eliminating other players at 25mins isn’t really all that welcome. Just wanted to add my 3cents in there. lol

I’m usually too busy analyzing a scout’s idle animation or the way a deer grazes around to do all that anyway.

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I don’t think that will be much of an issue as there are thousands of players – I rarely ever have a lobby with all known players (often not even 1).

Sorry about your experience getting kicked/banned from noob lobbies – as a player with 0% ranked on my profile I don’t have that issue. But IME a noob lobby is mostly just a place where it’s either ruled by a smurf or mostly average players plus 1-3 genuine noobs.

But I just had a lobby ruined by “red”, that stole my sheep from TC 1 minute in. He needs banned. Yet all I can do is wait until his name pops up in Recent Players… I know it starts with a B and ends in BR. Hopefully I can ban him before a new set cycles through…

look up the game on the aoe stats website, aoe insights i think, it will have your gane and u csn see who was in there.

and dont quote me but i believe there is a file in your user name folder under c: users you games aoe2 etc etc that contains your list of banned players and u could prolly donit manually that way.