Devs, the campaign offerings are super weak

Like 6 new historical battles with definitive edition?
No new missions for America?
3 new historical battles for the entire African expansion???

AOE2DE offered 4 campaigns (of 6 missions, the size of one of your historical battles) each.
And Lords of the West offered 3 campaigns.

What are you guys DOING? AOE3 suffers from a particularly weak campaigns in the first place what with the OC characters and laughable fantasy plot. Definitive Edition was the chance to fix this. But instead you’ve added maybe 9 missions or so? There’s basically no chance to use the 5 new civs in a singleplayer setting. It sucks.

RTS is not all competitive clicking it’s simply one facet of a wider appeal, especially in a series with such a strong tradition of good singleplayer offerings it sucks to have you neglect that.

Especially with 3 having a very small multiplayer scene in the first place, it would be nice if you gave me something to actually DO with these new civs.


I agree. I could’ve sworn that in the follow-up video to the Fan Preview that stated there were new campaigns coming but I wonder if they either dropped that or meant just the historical battles. It’s a shame because there’s a lot they could do. Whilst I don’t mind the original fantasy campaign, I feel historical events are far more interesting and educational. They did that with TAD so I really wonder why they didn’t do much for DE.

As someone who primarily plays and enjoys campaign offerings, this admittedly does little for players like me but I have just bought (as with every other DLC of the franchise, in fact) this DLC to support the devs in the hopes there’ll be one or two down the line and other DLCs.