Devs, why dont you put the starcraft AlphaStar AI as Very hard difficulty?

Thats maybe a naive question but, I dont understand why we have very low AI in max difficulty, then we are not learning at all while AlphaStar is able to win pro player.

Why devs dont have the idea to put this kind of IA in the game ?

1 Please don’t compare f"king StarCraft 2 to Age of Empire 4
2 At the moment the AI is broken, I think in the next patch will fix the behavior of the AI

Because that’s not a trivial talks.

Also AlphaStar needs special hardware to run, right?
How many TPUs do you have in your computer?

I think the simple reason why the AI is bad is because the game was being balanced till the last minute.
You would have to completely rewrite the AI after every balance update but that takes time.

Also if you make a balance update and than write an AI you don’t know how the meta will develop.
Players now play different from a week ago while the AI was unchanged.

I do expect the AI to get better in the future when balance changes are getting smaller.

U want alpha star ??? Lmao , u know , how much is cost . And can ur pc handle a ai like alphastar ???

Aoe IV does plan to implement a new punishing AI sometime later after launch.