Dheli military unit build menu issue

I have taken the next step towards greatness and started mapping and using hotkeys. I have “Access secondary UI panel” set to T, but when I play Dheli and have different military unit types selected which all have the build menu available (e.g. Archers and spearmen, MAA and Crossbows etc. For building walls or siege) it does not open the menu. I have to have ONLY spears, or ONLY archers selected, then it’ll open and use the hotkeys correctly. Not sure if this is due to a remapping issue 100% but it wasn’t an issue before I changed some keys around.


Honestly, I figure I’ll try custom hotkeys a year from now, if anyone’s still playing the game by then. There’s a lot of issues like this

Thank you for reporting @Calerb. This is one the team is aware of and looking into. Much appreciated!