Dia 3 ~ Conq 2 dodgers are a joke

I play with friends who are also Conq 3s. I understand Gold/Plat, even maybe diamonds dodging against 2~3 Conq3s.

Funny thing is, the most frequent tier of dodgers are in Conq 1 ~ 2s. This system of being able to pick and choose your opponent is a joke. Reduce the ELO range so Gold/Plats don’t meet Conqs in the first place, then make sure players cannot see each others’ names/rank before loading screen and ALSO give a big penalty to dodgers.

NO other competitive games has a system where players can freely dodge specific opponents. I know that some players will still just leave the game as soon as it starts as an alternative option, but at least this will be discouraged with them losing ELO as some people do care about them (which is perfectly okay).

Devs please fix this asap. This system right now encourages smurfing as well (I’ve experienced it a lot of times with other teams’ stacks and I actually understand why they are doing it as they’d be experiencing what we are experiencing).

As far as I know, dodging reduces your elo and counts as a lose.

No it doesn’t. This is where you minimise the lobby screen, then click skirmish (or alt+f4 before going into loading screen).

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