Did I miss something?

Do we play now or do we wait for an email?

its a closed beta, you’ll get an email if/when you’re invited.

I appreciate you!

Dear Microsoft! Your facebook add campaign got me here. Do not let me down I have interest! I have recruited several other friends to sign up who used to play age and who still do play mythology with me =-) we are excited for a community with larger players of this kind of game/micro/macro economics and army =D Let me in to play!!! XD <3

Relax, man :slight_smile: You should get a survey soon enough that you fill out with your info. After that, all you can do is sit and wait until you hopefully get contacted. The first round of Beta invites should be going out next week or in the next 2 weeks (but don’t take my word for this…it’s pure speculation).

You just wait man. I’ve been waiting for someone to butter my bread for years. :smiley:

Basically, is a dream coming true… have the opportunity to play with lots of players, with a huge comunity :smiley: