Did Slavs have really poor horse archers?

First off, I am no history expert but I can assume Slavic people had good horse archers? Factor in, the Slavs would probably have allies among horse archer warrior cultures, and weren’t always in conflict. Plus, I think the Slavs would have mercenary horse archers willing to fight for them if they pay them.

They might had war with horse archer warrior cultures, but they also could of had allies among them.

The Slavs would probably have their very own dedicated elite unit of horse archers. They probably weren’t just militia or mercenaries.

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Problem is, Slavs in this case are more Rus, as other slavic civs already exist in the game.

The Rus were literally the only civ in AoE4 to have Horse Archers (at least a unit called that, and when I last played), so not sure.

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what’s the point of a post like this?

are you arguing that slavs should get cav archers for historic reasons, even though you don’t know what they are?
or are you asking if historically slavs had horse archers? then a history forum might be a better match

There’s been plenty of civilizations have been changed over time in this game. So, I think it is worthy of discussion. The Vikings for example are a very different civilization from back in the day of Age of Kings. There has been some talk the slavs are not in a good spot.

i just dont know what you are trying to ask with this post. So you want an overhaul of slavs?

Literally no question mark or anything anywhere in the post, I don’t think OP is asking for a change or for historical knowledge.

I forgot to add one. Just added it. There’s been quite a bit of discussion that the slavs are not a finished civilisation and need changes.

I believe the Rus should hire some Tatar or Mongol auxiliaries/mercenaries from neighboring hordes in real history.
Also according to wikipedia, the Rus deployed “heavy” (heavily armoured, not the upgrade in AOE2 that does not change their tactics) horse archers to counter the Tatars’ lighter ones.

I think they probably had decent horse archers… this aligns with their design in aoe4.

Iirc, the AoE4 Rus cavalry archers are supposed to be Cuman mercenaries, and are depicted as such in the game.

It gets a bit complex with AoE2 and what a tech tree addition “means”. If often using mercenaries means you get their unit (like Celt Paladins), then perhaps they should.

Mongols are in the game. Although theirs have different names.

That’s why I made a point of saying:

As by saying I’m only talking about the unit directly called Horse Archer, the Mangudai or other mounted archer units aren’t included.

As I stated before, the Horse Archer in AoE4 will need to become a common unit while the Rus can have a unique aspect of the Horse Archer.

A possible ukrainians can have better ca and lc than a rus inspired slavic civi.

Ukrainians didn’t exist back then.

Can always call them cossacks.

Ukrainians are already in the game. Look at the Slavs civ icon.

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