Did something changed about unit orders since ~2 patches?

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Since at least 2 patchs, units “orders” seems to be changed. It’s like the new order get back the unit “attack” state to “0”.
To explain : for example and context, Trebuchets, they are mounted or attacking. I want to move them. When they are being dismantled, if I click in another direction, the progress bar is reset to 0 ! So it takes way more time for them to move !

Also, a lot of time with a lot of units at the same place, I create some units with a waypoint next to the army. When some units are created, a lot of the already created units are moving randomly for no reason, each unit is moving in a different place.

Is this only happens to me ??

Thanks !


Or like with trebs, every time you retarget them, if they were just about to fire, they play the sound, cancel the attack, and prepare to fire on the next unit. If the treb is about to fire and you tell it to shoot another target within range, it should shoot that target, or at least not play a sound and do nothing.


Yes, each action given by a human (us) seems to reset the “unit”.
I got the same problem with a castle, it was focused on a ram, castle fired 0.8s ago, I clicked on another target : the castle wait like it fired arrow, but it didn’t fired so it’s not logical. So if castle fire is each 1s (to simplify), in my example it was 1,8s between fires. So it’s less effective.
If I click on differents units a lot of time, I think the castle will never fire arrow ! I will test it …

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Not sure if there’s something up with waypoints vut since the last update there is a super annoying bug when adding new units to existing control groups. When for instance you have a group of archers on one group and add more to it, after setting a task for them the newly added units will sometimes walk in the opposite direction and they won’t change that behavior even if you manually select them and send them to the intended spot. Might be the same problem you experienced.


I hope the future patch will solve these problems !

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