Did the developers abandon us?

Hello to everyone.
I know that working during a pandemic can lead to several difficulties and delays, however the game still needs urgent updates to be playable and enjoyable. At launch the game had 20.000 players, now we are barely 4.000. The editor is particularly bugged, it always crashes when you try a scenario and scenarios aren’t playable online. I love AoE III and I don’t want it to be abandoned by players. Developers, please make us aware of your next moves


Hi @AAusdauer, The devs are continuing to work on Age of Empires III: DE through the pandemic. Because of the holidays it may take a bit longer to prepare an update than before the holidays. Keep an eye out on the official Age of Empires social media accounts for an announcement of a game update.


Some of that is probably because the last patch introduced a bug where the game won’t launch on Steam for a lot of people. Active users should go up if they fix that in the next patch.

I dont think they would be able to keep that many more people in the future. I love AOE3 but I know its not for everyone. Hopefully there is still enough interest that the developers continue to update and tweak for some time

It is bizarre that tomorrow marks 4 weeks since the last update, and we haven’t seen any real communication or status update on the next update or hot fix. I totally understand shutting down for Christmas and New Years, but would hope we get some sort of communication, especially since so many folks probably built/updated PC’s or received/purchased this game from the holidays.

Hoping for a surprise update this week or an update from the devs no later than next week.


Well I wouldn’t think the devs are thinking that they are close to getting the game in the right state.

I’m still waiting for the friend list feature to be useful (able to whisper, see online status, invite into a game etc…) :S


I think they just have a lot of projects going on. AOE4 is coming out and I saw them put some work into AOE2’s new civs. But they have posted comments on the forums recently for some found bugs, so they’re alive.

Probably just busy. I’d say give it another month or two for an update.

I just really really really wanna see if there’s unit/civ balance changes lol. People have been aching for Sweden, Inca, Japan, China, and Russia to have something done to them

Yes please!!! This is an issue i have with the game since the start.

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IMHO 1-2 months are too much. There are bugs which require urgent fixes - useless friend list, scenarios unplayable in multiplayer, editor that always crashes and so on - AGE II DE has always had monthly updates since launch. I respect Devs’ work, but I think the game urges constant bugfixing


If they are taking their time it could mean that there is probably a big update coming.
I feel the same way as many of you, there are many issues on the game that need to be addressed.
But just give them time.


I guess they gonna push the next update near the chinese new year