Did the devs steal someone else's Romans build?

The final Romans build is incredibly similar to what this guy came up with, making me believe that they just straight up stole and then modified the concept. If this is true, the devs have much less integrity than I thought, and I am nervous about my ideas being stolen and used without allowing me to be a consultant.

Having similar affects doesn’t mean they stole it.

thieftdp8498 made a bunch of things using the caravansarai effect also long sword upgrading in to a new unit was done in an older version of chivalry for a italian faction.

It’s pretty darn similar in rather notable ways that are almost too much to be a coincidence. I’d love to be wrong, but it does scream “stolen” to me.

Edit: Apparently incredibly common phrases are censored now. LOL

I guess anything that gives more attack is considered stealing then. Oh well, who knows, maybe the dev took inspiration from the guy or maybe not.

I’d say you just fell for the clickbait