Did the extreme AI get significantly better recently

Dont remember it split microing archers and attacking with double or triple unit combinations in feudal age like spears, arrchers and scouts

I still beat it but it seems harder

Specially in imperial age

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That’s the literal definition of an AI army. They always have a random mixture of units.


This is good for me.

Not because I can fight the Extreme AI (I can’t even beat a Hard one on open maps), but because I have a YouTube series where I watch Extreme AIs fight. The more humanlike the AI becomes, the more entertaining the videos are.

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pretty sure in the big patch a few months ago they added things like splitting archer, grouping archers and what not.


Some times ago, I noticed the AI (on Extreme atleast) can sometimes try to deny access to your resources by dropping a tower and building a palisade around it.

I really like theses improvements!

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Not in feudal age. In the past it used to just mass archers and skirms and walk over.

Now it has archers and skirms guarded by spears and when i went skim defence, it had scouts.

It even had semi decent crossbow timing. As in not the uptime, but it was at my walls just as its crossbow upgrade came in

Mangonell defence can easily keep you safe though. They cant handle mangonells in castle age

idk what ai u are playing but magonels are like the last thing i like making vs them unless its super chokepointy or they have a shiton of units as they literally always dodge. I guess vs. extreme who groups up units maybe but they’d just split micro it.

They dodge it in imperial when they have millions of units running around. But they dont dodge as much in castle age.

Specially if youre walled, they attack the walls trying to get in and you can get a good badaboom on them with a sneak mangonell (extreme ai)

hmm really? i feel like they always dodge it, i’ll be sure to pay attention to it next time i play extreme ai.

(But usually its the opposite for me, they dodge it when there is a few units there, similar to how they micro archers vs melee units)