Did they recently make changes to the ai?

so normally i don’t have a problem beating the extreme AI, but lately it changed up its tactics incredibly. doesnt matter what civ there using they start to attack around 9-10mins with milita, at 12mins theyve upgraded them to men at arms and now have archers as well. they hit castle by 15mins. i dont remember the ai being this capable did something change?

Most patches include also updates to the AI.

Just another question: are you using the handicap system. Maybe the AI is much stronger due to this.

Play the AI on lower difficult or non standard settings such as a scenario/mod. Or play on an Amazon tunnel like map.

yes they changed the AI, they are more challenging now I think.

It sounds like OP is actually using the AI to improve, that’s not at all a helpful suggestion, especially if their goal is to consistently beat the extreme AI.


no im not usually i play free for all random map 6 extreme ai no handi cap