Did they reset/adjust the team game elo?

I notice I’m now 1400 elo in TG instead of ~2.1k. Super happy if they did, hopefully we’ll get more even games instead of inflated elos from before.


It seems they also “normalized” it to get the same standard deviation as in 1v1s.
But I don’t think this is of any importance, team elos will always have a different deviation which is determined by the lambda value of @Mercy9545 calc proposed here

It will just naturally converge to a distribution that reflects that corresponding lambda value in regards of the wrong calc method in determining the current “team elo”

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Here is all the info about how the devs messed up the TG ratings calculation again.


Great thanks. It doesn’t seem too bad to me. If you play regularly with same team mates you’ll end up at same elo somewhat quickly.

Only thing I can see people being upset about is if you’re the highest rated player (2k in their example) losing 30pts because it matched you up with the lowest rated player (1k in their exmaple). Two thoughts on that,

  1. wasn’t that the point? To stop people smurfing and inflating their elos by teaming up with low elo players. Now if you do that, as the high rated player you have more to lose and not much to gain, and the smurf player will quickly gain elo and stop dragging the team elo down to make their games easy.

  2. I assume that a 1k difference on a team will be because people chose to team up, not because of match making. 1k difference, with the elo reset, is presumably unlikely to happen because of the matchmaking

Happy to hear points on why it won’t work though, cause obviously i’m not a statistician or a dev.


If you are playing with your friend, then your rating will be overrated after some games, since you will win lots of points quickly as lower rated player. This is still bad. It will result in inflated lower rated players with a low win rate and mid elo players with a 50% winrate at the same elo. They will be matched against each other. But that isnt a fair match up. Elo should reflect your skill, not how much you play.

The new calculation isnt zero sum either. The total points gain by one team isnt equal to the losses at the other team. This will add inflation to the system and inflation is bad. This is another reason why the new system is bad.

There were much better suggestions posted at the forum, but the devs ignore all of them. Then they introduced a not well thinked out model with big drawbacks. That is what happend now.

That example is based on a premade. You wont get two solos team up this way.

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Yes, I agree here. Though it will presumably only make a difference if you consistently play with that friend or friends who are higher elo. In which case it’s finding your ‘teams elo’, becoming a problem when you go to solo queue. I still think it stops players smurfing, if you have a low elo player they can’t boost the elo of the higher players, they just end up catching up fast. That seems like a good thing.

That’s good.

On the whole I think we wait to see how it pans out. I don’t imagine it’s perfect, but I also don’t think it’ll be awful.

EDIT: PS thanks for taking the time to explain