Did you feel secure and safe when playing in Black Forest?

I remember becoming a man when I left the legendary Black Forest and had to move to Arabia/Green Arabia in AoE2, about 22 years ago.

I felt safe when playing in Black Forest, nobody could bother me, I walled my base, I had enough time to build a super big army, divided in groups from 1 to 9.

And. truth be told, it did hurt me to see that many players despised that map, considering it was essential for me in my beginnings.

I’ve never played Forest Nothing, but I might give it a try, just to enhance the feeling of my beginnings.

Yes, Forest Nothing is pure forest and nothing more…

One’s feelings of security on BF ought to vary based on who the opposition is. In team games, more so.

No. I don’t feel safe. I feel scared even still. That’s why I play on a custom map like this sometimes.



All those wolves and bears still scare me.


which map is that? It looks very interesting. Just curious…

Walled Black Forest…

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the game has changed so much even pro players play Black Forest. It was considered a noob map back in the era. This match ends in 35 minutes, and I remember quite well that Black Forest games could last for hours.

You feel safe until your enemy sends some onagers to cut through the forest


At this rate among so much gunpowder already seems AoE 3 xd …