Did you know? Rus actually has "stone walls"

English walls for reference

Found these assets belonging to the Rus Campaign under the art folder. They’re named Kiev Walls, and I don’t think they were ever used in the actual campaign? Chinese have a similar set of campaign only walls, but those were actually in the campaign.

I’m curious if this was not made available due to visibility issues (imagine archers on top of that). Either way, I’m really saddened to see that it isn’t actually in the game. Many of the current Stone Walls look like placeholders, Rus included–so I would’ve loved for these to be added as the actual skin for Rus’ current Spasskaya Walls.

What do you guys think?


love the russ big wall, we need it, also mali have a kinda strange wall, pleas developers add this in the multiplayer, it would be useful, since the Russians are not strong in the game at the moment

Does any Rus player choose the stone walls Landmark to begin with? (I haven’t watched many games involving Rus but in the ones I watched they went for the siege landmark). And in team games it is even rarer.

High Armory seems to be the more utilized Landmark. But, I’m not advocating much for a change in that balance, even though maybe it needs some of that as well. It’d be great if these assets, which already exists, would be deployed for Rus over the Stone Walls they ccurrently use. Just an aesthetical change would be nice, it shows a lot more of that Rus personality than the current placeholder.


Their defenders are not visible on these walls, perhaps because of this they were removed.

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