Didn't someone get the skins after the event ended?

It turns out that I finished all the challenges of the african royals, but even so they did not give me the skins for the explorers … it feels a bit sad the truth xd


thats the reason i dont do challenges, they dont give me anything, or people just do it by using cheats

You have to go to the Home city, click on the explorer and the customization options will appear.

You will be allowed to choose between the default option and the skins you just unlocked.

Hope this helps.


I got the ethiopian one but not the hausa one for some reason

I knew that colleague, but it does not let me select the skin, no idea why

Thank you very much! I was getting mad to find them

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Can you show us your finished challanges screen?

I also can’t get the african hero skin.

try getting out of xbox and re logging.

I tried 3 times, that didn’t work for me

Sadly cheats doesn’t work anymore to get the challenges.

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Connecting xbox works…seems weird that it requires that

Try double clicking them anyway, change homecity and try double clicking with ehtiopian then return to hausa and see if it unlocks.

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Ninguno de esos aspectos me funciono buen señor, así que así nada mas se queda, termine el evento y no me dieron las skins

Ahi están las imágenes ya lo intente varias veces

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