Difference between FullHD And 4K resolution

I would like to know your opinion.
Do we need 4K reslution on AoE4.
It is not useless?.


I dont play at 4K, but it is the resolution of the future. I have friends with big 4K monitors or TVs that are only interested in playing games in 4K resolutions.


The current industry goal is to standardize this resolution. I think that in a few years (I think) lower resolutions will go out of style and graphics engines in general will work at this resolution. Also you have to admit that it looks better than with other resolutions.

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And is it nesseeary for a strategy game with a resolution of 4K?. Yes or No

Yes, because some people want to play it on 4K resolution.

I dont understand the purpose of this topic. You will most likely be able to select lower resolution if that’s what you want.

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So does it make sense to play thé strategy game AoE4 in 4K?.Dont i need such details in my strategy?

The point is not whether it is necessary, but rather it is the target resolution. Obviously you can play with lower resolutions and currently most of us do not have 4k (I think), but in the future it will be standardized.

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TVs, video game consoles, monitors, cameras, graphics cards. Everything is going in the direction of 4k. I don’t know how the fine details are in a strategy game, but they sure make it look more alive, look at the remasters of the age games; they look much better than the originals. Personally, I like 4K because generally in this type of game it is played very close to the screen and you can see more details than to play on a console where you can be a little further away and the resolution matters a little less.

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It is not necessary, don’t worry. It will certainly look more beautiful but that’s pretty much all. You would also likely need a quite powerful gpu for 4k to make sense.


4K resolution is not “popular”, 80% of players are on FullHD, there is no point in worrying too much about 4K, this is not a mass technology.


Is it necessary to have stereo radio? Mono is good enough.
Is it necessary to have colour TV? Black and White is good enough.
Is it necessary to have HD? SD is good enough?

Why should the game limit the resolution choice?
It’s not hard to make a game work with a 4K monitor.
The majority still uses 1080p with 1440p growing in popularity very quickly.

Especially a game like AoE4 that likely has relatively low hardware requirements even for high setting is very suitable for 4K because it doesn’t need to newest GPU to run in this resolution.

My personal Opinion is that 1440p especially with a high frequency monitor with 120/1440Hz is the sweet spot for gaming right now.
You can hit easily 60+FPS in most modern games with a modern GPU and in some cases you actually get 144FPS, but even at 90FPS your 144Hz are noticeably smoother than 60Hz.

High frequency 4K monitors are still very expensive and on top of that need more than 2x the GPU performance to get the same FPS.

Unless you literally have eye damage, and I don’t mean that as an insult, 4K is so much better than 1080p.
With the same pixel density you can have a 40" instead of a 20" monitor. This covers a much larger part of the Field of View.

Optimal for a human Field of View would be an Ultrawide Monitor but because that mimics a human FoV its much more suitable for First Person games compared to top down view games like Age of Empires.

I personally have a 27" 1440p 1440 Hz Monitor and a 43" 4K 60Hz monitor because a single 4K 120Hz or 144Hz would have been expensive and no way my GPU (RX 5700XT) or any existing GPU at that time could power that with enough FPS.
I use the 4K monitor for work and movies while the 1440p one is used for games.
I never actually play Age of Empires in the 4K monitor but I uses it with the scenario editor and its awesome to have so much overview and screen space. Sadly the UI is not really made for it.
It’s works for testing the maps but if I want to play against players I prefer have some more FPS.

4K is the future, no doubt, but for now 1440p is good enough.
1080p is really outdated. AoE4 alone costs more than a decent 1080p monitor.


My prosesor i5 4590 3,30ghz Ok - 4 K? Or no.
G.card. GTX 1650 4GB. Memory 16 GB.

Not good enough for 4K in basically any modern game.

To get stable FPS 60+FPS in a modern game in highest details at 4K you need a current generation Graphics Card.
AMD RX 6xxx or Nvidia RTX 3xxx.


It would go up to 4K, I can guarantee it. DEs have 4K resolution…so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it Age IV. However, I don’t think it’s gonna be useless. There are people who have hardware capacity to run those kinds of resolutions.

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