Different civilian units

So, we have fishing boats. We have villagers. We have trade carts. But could we have more?

lumberjack team- a crew of two villagers with a donkey. They excel at lumberjacking, and can transport 500 wood per trip. They just haul more wood. They cost 100 wood and 100 food and 1 population, and they lumberjack as fast as 2 villagers.

Prospector- a mining foreman who has an aura that causes miners nearby to mine faster. Prospectors cost 10 gold, 10 stone, and 100 food. They increase miner speed by 25%, so you want at least 8 miners on a patch of rock before you deploy prospectors. The prospector can also mine gold and stone, albeit at half the rate of a normal worker, but they don’t need to make trips back to base.

Recruiter- Recruiters cost 150 wood, 50 food. A recruiter could be assigned to a production structure to work on it. Much like how a worker is assignable. Structures under the watchful gaze of a recruiter get a non stacking buff to production speed of +100%. Recruiters can buff stables, archery ranges, monasteries siege workshops, and barracks. They cannot buff castles. Basically the recruiter acts as a modular output modifier allowing much more flexible transitions between certain unit types.

Construction specialist. This unit excels at constructing buildings. They work on buildings themselves, and cause all structures being built near them to be built faster, and to be repaired more cheaply.

The Pub. This structure would allow workers to be popped into pub storage, and then taken out later. While garrisoned in the pub (which has an unlimited garrison size) workers do not take up population. They cannot ungarrison to increase pop over max pop cap, but when being ungarrisoned, they do not cost food. This is a late game structure allowing pivots to opening up large amounts of pop space for a military unit push without the loss of villagers and ramp up time after the push is over.


No. Your suggestions have been and always will be absolutely terrible for the base game. Just make a mod.


I find some ideas interesting. Sure, the numbers sounds overdosed, but I like the concepts as secondary UUs.

The only one I don’t find feasible or really necessary is The Pub.

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AoM has the dwarf units which is a better villager so something alongside that concept would work other than that we dont need better versions of generic villagers for the sake of adding new units.

Introduce some cosmetic reskins of the Merchant like Engineers, Physicians, Jesters and the Pope, a monk unit(reskinned) with higher health and conversion efficacy than other monks (editor only naturallu).

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A Merchant that you can garrisone in an allied market to give you more profits from trading.

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Sense a great deal of salt, I do.

And no that’s categorically untrue. The lumberjack is extremely close to another civilization. The georgians with their camps that can pack and move around. Its weaker, but the comparison is there.

I get the feeling that if fishing ships did not exist, and i proposed why not have fishing ships, you would make the same personal attack you just made here. The attack you just made is not in the spirit of these forums, and is quite unkind. Also, its categorically false, given that some of the units I proposed are sitting right between a civilization Unique unit, and a normal everyday unit.

Its not ideal to throw ideas around without follow-ups (as I dont think you ever reply in your own threads recently)

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Ok point. On that note on topic, what are your thoughts on more civilian units?

If you didn’t spam a gazilion terrible ideas every single day, I wouldn’t be so annoyed, but you lack self-awareness about how awful your ideas are or how much people are annoyed by them. I’m just saying it how it is.


It will be far harder to learn to play aoe2. Currently the game is not easy to learn as you have to practice a lot to macro and micro and multitask. Players have to consider a lot more which units should be prioritized to save while raiding and devs have to consider difficulty in balance issue.

Interesting, but I’d prefer a new civ that is very economy and defense oriented with an economic UU. It would be something really new. A UU that is globally weak in combat but who can collect ressources like a villager.

Problem with that is you need a castle for the UU which is not very economic.if its coming out of tc it needs to be a lot better than generic villager.

Dude, you are so rude… Let the people post their ideas how many times they want. Don’t like them? Explain
why or don’t enter in the discussion, but harass them make you more annoying that any bad idea…

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