Different types of gathering resources

"All civilizations use the four resources food, wood, stone and gold, but not all of them collect them in the same way, use them in the same way and need them in the same ratio.”
Gamestar Magazine,Adam Isgreen

Maybe it is similar to this:
Mongols gather his food from sheeps,cows etc.or mongols have a special bonus for gathering food from sheeps?
And englands have a bonus from farms?
Are you want this?
I think it is good idea for feel “horde”

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I think it’s a great idea to shake up the resource gathering, although I’m not sure if it will go over well.

Maybe food gathering for one of them is something like Age2 where you put in wood and get out food, and for the other it’s like the livestock pen in Age3 where you put in food and then gather from the livestock.

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I believe he said that in an Age III style where, for example, England gather food from farms, deers and cows and then Japan civ gather it from an special Cherry tree or rice plantation since they’re not allowed to hunt animals. Same for Indians who can’t gather food from cows but they use them in a different way.

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Receive food from wheat

receive food from animals

Not certain,it is similar to a chinese TC
hm-5 ?
Maybe rice??

also another type of farms :thinking: :thinking: