Different types of maps? Snow, Mountain, Steppe, etc


The only thing I’ve seen during the beta and in online video’s are grassy landscapes and some dryer landscapes.

I haven’t seen any snow maps. Does that mean that AoE4 does not have these?


AoE4 has a biom selection independent of the map selection.
You can choose the climate for every map the way you want it even Desert Black Forest.

But there was no real snow environment in the Beta.
Tundra did exist though but I think only mountains had snow.
Steppe is also a possible biom.

You can change the biomes in the map lobby options (i’d assume it will be randomly selected for online queue). One of them including snow.

Here’s a screenshot from my gameplay. (this was in dry arabia but I just changed the biome)

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tundra winter has some snowy fields, but no deep snow like in iron harvest

Or like in CoH2 (same devs, same engine)… damn russian winter :cold_face:

I guess I must have completely missed that option during the Beta. Probably too busy selecting the correct civilisation :slight_smile: