Difficulty to play Extreme Skirmish

I am having difficulty to beat Extreme AI because my town is low lvl like 2-3 and i don’t have op spedition, too for settlers you only have 10 population and you can’t do nothing fast, and you will lose all times miserable because if they will see your town or they will attack you lose in like 2 mins and your ally will also lose and they will clear everything, someone can recommend to me what to do please?

Extreme and Hardest Ai receive bonus resources (not sure if from gathering or just piles every so often), so I’d recommend playing against Hard or Hardest until you get the hang of it and then try extreme. Also, keep in mind AI has become better in the last patches.


Extreme and hard AI get a bonus gathering of 25% and 50%.
So while you gather 100 food, they gather 125 / 150 food.


I don’t know that, thanks so much guys :open_mouth:

The Hard, Hardest and expert AI’s were definitly improved, as their Raids are more deadly than ever, with Ulhans, and Hussars actually knowing what to do. Also fighting for Trading posts, incorporating culverins in their armies to snipe falcs… I am impressed.

Usually i try the tactics on hardest before trying online, (expert is not a good benchmark since their age up times and early agression is impossible, hence demands a different tactic) and hardest 1vs1 has been a good oponent - most of the times.

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