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No, after defeating cyan, green will immediately activate. That’s why I think it’s a bug. This difficulty design is already difficult and difficult. If possible, please conduct a test. The second and third green attacks in my three games that I quickly launched after demolishing the Blue Castle - even unable to pay tribute. The six tribute times you mentioned do not exist.

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No man I just retried but all works as intended.
So my guess is you’re either approaching red before time (remember that if you send a military unit near red, green will declare war on you!) Or you’re not paying him the tributes he asks. I don’t know why you say that they don’t work. Watch this:

That’s the timer for the tributes. I defeated cyan but green just stands there until I won’t stop paying or I won’t attack him or red.
Maybe you don’t read English well and you didn’t get the advises they gave you? Anyway just know that to not trigger green to attack is enough to stay away from both him or red and pay the tributes he asks before timer runs out. When you feel ready just go after the red general, ignore the rest, snipe him and you’ll get control of all his base. That’s the moment when green is probably coming to you.

After testing, I understand. You cannot launch any attacks, including helping the blue goalkeeper. Any attack or even self-defense against the red will result in the green attack. Is this reasonable???

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No, no, no, I’m still superficial. Your declaration of war is completely a black box.

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You can defend blue if you want but 90% of the times I tested he didn’t need help to survive against red so you can focus on cyan alone. You can defend blue without triggering green to attack BUT you must not go too near red base or green will turn enemy. So maybe just put some units on defensive mode near blue or build towers but again blue usually can defend himself alone if you don’t take too much time defeating cyan.

About the second comment what do you mean? Until you pay gold tributes (maximum 6) green will remain neutral unless you either attack him or red base. That’s all you need to know. Just stop paying tributes or attack red only once you’re ready with a big army. You have all the time and resources to defeat cyan and then do that.

It is obvious that even if you are not close to the red base, there is a chance of triggering a green attack. The judgment of this area or other detection is too large to be easily misjudged. You see, this time, it’s still easy for me to trigger a green attack in front of the door and the dock.

Secondly, did you not notice that the tribute time bar has disappeared? No attack was launched, and after a few minutes, there was still no appearance. Look at it yourself. 1: 17:00 to 1:19:00.

I have discussed with a few people and their situation is similar to mine. They have already given up, so I really think you should check the trigger instead of saying organize the army here, because this trigger really went wrong.

Ok man listen I played the scenario dozens of times at the point of being sick of it and I couldn’t find any of the issues you keep mentioning. It’s really not that complex of a scenario, it’s actually the less trigger-heavy.
So if you can’t read English as I suspect, you’re gonna have troubles in this campaign but I don’t speak Chinese so there’s only so much I can do to help.
When I try to help you, you tell me I should fix this, that… Fix what precisely? Fix yourself and your attitude before cause I’m not getting payed by you and this took me really a lot of work and test… Still you keep assuming I didn’t test it and you give me orders like I’m your brother…
I don’t owe you anything so if you have fun and it’s not too hard for you to get, just play it otherwise asks me politely for help or move on if you can’t do this.

What’s wrong with the timer? It just works as intended, if you don’t pay in time (and it happened to me cause I often forgot) green turns enemy and attack you. It’s that simple.
What’s wrong with the thing where you can’t get close to red or you trigger green? I’m playing it now and you need to get basically under his walls to trigger the warning and even after the warning (if you read English) you can turn back and avoid triggering green. I’m literally walking with the hero around red base without triggering it lol. What do you need to defend blue (which I already said it’s not needed to such extent)? The whole map?

So are you trying to waste my time or what? If you don’t understand it just stop playing or ask me with kindness but don’t you dare to give me orders or imply I don’t put work on it because that’s not among your rights.
I’m open to criticism, even insults as you can see from reviews and replies, but I’m not your daddy, I’m one guy working a whole year for this and still probably it’s less buggy than the original game and it’s free.
I took 9 months to make a campaign, you take 9 minutes to write a rude comment. It honestly feels like you wanna argue for the sake of it.

A well-made , piece of S,you know of the year. No AIs for all scenarios, AIs just produce units without delay. WTF wrong with the author, did you check it after you upload it? I’m very curious about this question cause I struggled 6 mission with tedious and sick plays. Awful is what I think could describe this campaign. Except that the map is well-made accordingly. And the author just Mentioned Catscientist282,haha I wish you could learn that his campaign is much better than yours.

There are not 6 scenarios, you didn’t even play it.

Tha catscientist mention is a joke but you need irony to get that. I actually played all his campaigns and liked them.

The spam in the second mission is functional to the fact that you need to defend until 500 enemy units are killed so if the spam was slower it would have been tedious.

Very curious about your words that I do not play it all? The final mission just sukcs much more and AI keeps refreshing units without delay and all enemies start in Age IV and player in dark age?I do not want to discuss with you. Cause this piece of st does not need to be discussed. I have better ones to play. If you like it? Well. congratulations!!!

About Cat282 you said about jokes. I just see no AI settings, just spam units. Disgusting and time wasting.


Finished second map. I see some disliked it, but it was still fun, though I think you should decrease the navy spam.
Killing Gennadius was popping me too much, so I couldnt deal with rest of red’s navy (as all the rest converted to me as he died, dont know it the navy part is intended or a trigger problem because its too far away from potential trigger radius) in one hour mark. After some tries I decided to camp on blue’s base to kill all 500 green’s units and kill Gennadius later. It wasnt necessary, even if it counts as a primary objective, dealing with green granted me the victory.
This is the size of red’s navy when I finished the map 11

After some time I didnt need to bribe green anymore also. Dont know if reloading in the middle of the game messed something. Just to be sure I reload one of my last save files, after massing many queued units, waited for 10 minutes, didnt get any warning, sent 500 gold to test and green got offended by some misspelling some illiterate emperor did and said we were not friends anymore. I re-reloaded the savefile, waited 10 minutes, didnt give any gold and green stayed friendly and quiet

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Oh my god really I’m sorry for that situation, never happened in my test because I just assumed you manage to kill gennadius after a while! But yes if you don’t kill him he may spam units like that cause I think I didn’t put a cap to his navy (I’m going to of course)… :see_no_evil:

I could make it clearer that you really need to find a way to kill gennadius before green attacks you. You need to snipe him before he gets inside a castle, I usually do that by taking the gate in front of the arch of Marcus Aurelius (the ruined one) and send some camels while he runs to the castle.

As for tributes after a while (6 payments so 1 hour circa) no matter what, green just turn against you with a silly excuse, so be sure to have killed gennadius by then. You simply skipped the gennadius part and I didn’t expect things could evolve that way, that’s way it all evolved pretty wildly :sweat_smile:

I apologise if that was frustrating, making the right triggers as you see it’s a matter of foreseeing every little choice the player could take and sometimes I may miss one.

111111111111111111111111111111111111111 No worries

He should get inside a castle? I was usually getting inside by destroying the donjon and sending Camel Archers inside to snipe him. He usually didnt walk too far away from the TC.

Its ok, wasnt frustrating :slight_smile:

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He should but admittedly I’ve not tested every single possible path he could take because I made him change the castle he’s gonna hide into based on where you do break into his city. So maybe you destroyed the castle where he was gonna run before he could do it or maybe he’s just bugged. I’m gonna check.

Glad it was not frustrating at least :sweat_smile:

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Hmm, I THINK that in my first playthourgh he disappeared, so he probably got away. But on the others, since I got through donjon and destroyed the castle near it, he didnt hide. Though its not like he had much time to run anyway.

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Third and fourth scenario should work ok, just be sure to read the hints cause they have very specific mechanics. A player said they’re badly balanced however in the sense that there are choices that are too clearly better than others, for example in the third they said it’s better to play as Aksil rather than ever switch to Dihya, also because you need to reassign all villagers to work everytime you switch from one to the other (don’t know if there’s something I can do about that).
But you’ll let me know about that, when I have at least a couple of feedback I have in plan an overhaul of the campaign (and others) to correct everything I can based on what it has been reported to me.

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As always, really love the style of your campaigns, man, but I wish you would work on the balancing for Standard difficulty. Like with your other campaigns, it’s just too hard to be accessible. I know you’ve insisted in other threads that you’re not a very good player, but I think you’re significantly better at the game than you believe, because your levels are consistently a difficulty or two higher in practice than they should be based on the difficulty selected.

It comes down to the number of enemies per group and the frequency of attacks; they’re both just too high. Please tone it down so these levels are less frustrating on lower difficulties. If people want that kind of challenge, that’s what Moderate and Hard difficulties are for.

I’d love to do a full play through, but it sucks the fun out of it if I need frequent reloads and restarts to complete each and every level, and while some of the other responses weren’t very polite or eloquent, it seems like I’m not the only one frustrated by it.

Obviously, it’s up to you how you build your levels, but I’d really like to enjoy them and I just can’t as they’re built right now, which is a shame, because you’re one of the few creative developers that go beyond basic build and destroy stuff.

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Don’t worry, I was a bit rude with other replies because they were rude themselves but of course what you say makes sense and it’s polite, thank you for your kind words and for playing my campaigns.

I’m gonna soon release a new scenario in the vein of Adrianople and then proceed to work on an overhaul for all older campaigns, specially regarding difficulty. I already collected another feedback about it but from your side what you think is the main problem? Enemies have too many units? Too well upgraded? Or they attack too often? Or maybe there’s just too much stuff going on? (This last is probably a signature of mine and harder to change but probably that’s not the problem)

I don’t know if you specifically refer to a scenario, let me know where you are stuck in case. I admit the last two are really the hardest thing ever, I had troubles winning them myself but it was so fun to me! :sweat_smile: (Even if as you said a bit repetitive to load and reload the game)

I swear to you whenever I play online even noobs kick my butt at times but playing campaigns is different, so maybe I’m better at them than in random maps. Also in my own scenarios I already know what to do and I may overrate the player and unconsciously assuming they know as much as me. It’s definitely something I’m working on and probably my biggest fault yet.

So I think you’re right, I’m gonna rework the difficulty instead of just using one flat level for all three, I just think that the difficulty adds something but if so many people are frustrated it’s probably too much. I’ll leave the campaign as it this only on hard level. Let me know if you have specific issues with a scenario, specially if mechanics and hints are clear and fair because it was pointed me some are not well balanced and not very intuitive.

I think it’s mostly just the number of units and frequency of attacks making it difficult to prepare in time or keep up. Even just in the first level, the attacks on Oea had so many units I was expending all my melee units and onager in each wave, although that was partially due to blue consistently letting enemy troops in by standing in the gates.

But after that segment, I barely had time to reach Castle Age before there were attacks coming in three different directions at almost the same time, attacking the chokepoint before I even had resources to fortify it while simultaneously throwing a raid equivalent to my entire starting army at my economy and longboats at my fishing ships. By the time I could fight them off, another attack was already starting.

So it really just does come down to the size and frequency of attacks- too many units to quickly kill, particularly when you’re just starting to build economy, and too often to have time to build up between attacks.

Although I think it would also help to tell the player to expect frequent attacks- due to the timer saying I had an hour before the raiding party arrived, I didn’t expect attacks from the Cyan and Purple players to start all of a sudden, as I’d assumed I was supposed to build up and fortify for the raiders while venturing out to fight static garrisons for secondary objectives.

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