DirectX feature level

Does the game work if my gpu has directX 12 with feature level support 11_0 ? (I have a gtx 950m)

Has anyone played the beta with feature level 11_0?

Minimum systemrequirements on steam say it’s dx12 only.
I personally haven’t seen any setting in the stresstest to change it either.

So it’s windows 10/11 only.

You still should be able to play it on your notebook, if you have the OS that is.


I played the closed beta on my laptop which has gtx 960m and it has api support lvl 11_0.
I noticed as well that on windows store it requires api lvl 12 so I emailed age of empires insider support and they told me my laptop could run it.
It’s very likely that MS store states that it requires api lvl12 support because intel hd520 which is in the minimum specs support lvl12 while stronger gpus like the ones we have don’t.
The best thing to do is to email and ask them directly. Make sure you attach you dxdiag file in txt format as well and the devs will answer you probably in the next day


Thank you for the tip.
I have emailed support and I was told that I should be able to run the game without any issue.


That is great, I am glad to be of help

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I have emailed support and I was told to check the page below for reference. Page is Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition on Steam :smiley: What should I do ?

What do you need to check for? Is it to see if your PC can run the game?

I did everything you write up. And that was their answer. Also I have old PC and I want to know if I can run that game.

You need to compare your hardware with the minimal requirements.
If your hardware is worse you wont be able to run the game.

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There is a way to check. You can go on and find out. It tells what the game system requirements are and also analizes your PC to see if it can run the game!

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Thanks, this page told me that it will work :slight_smile:

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