Disable Kallanka Garrisoning Age 2

its not fun to try and attack Inca early with their hauricas and bolas popping out from kallankas for a pot shot before escaping back in.

trying to siege kallankas down while they just keep massing and taking free shots on your units is impossible, and it makes them completely immune to melee units.

it just shuts down any aggressive play against Inca and requires you to ff to deal with it.

also haurica range should be reduced to 16 in age 2. their current age 2 range just amplifies their kallanka drop in/drop out abuse.

bolas snaring in age 2 might also need a look at. you cant escape or engage their hauricas without some crazy split micro. trying to get to those things with melee units really made me work for it.

this also makes it much harder to escape losing engagements. any battle you lose vs the Inca you now lose even harder, especially if they micro the aoe ranged snare to spread it between your units while hauricas burst your infantry from out of vision range.

honestly its kind of funny. It’s even more ridiculous than light cannon/stronghold interaction since it happens an age earlier and it feels quite novel. I may just end up doing it myself.

does anyone else feel the same way? I may be just over reacting to a few bad games.


Yeah i feel exactly the same. In my opinion Inka are now way too strong. There are a few more problems like a artillery counter, the huaraca being in age 2 and a crazy start with 400 wood and 6 Settlers.
But this Kallanka thing denies any aggression, what is ridiculous. I will quit every ranked match against Inka until it gets fixed because the game is not fun like that


I don’t think that’s the solution, why not disable Macemen and hauricas in age 2?

But garrisoning buildings is the Inca thing.

Aztec only get jaguars from noble huts in age 2 if they ship the card.

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Do you need to keep attacking the kallanka though? Just go back and do your thing, if they’ve invested a card and a lot of res into making bolas/huaracas age 2 then they need to use them and do damage or they’ll be behind. Just go back and boom.


because haurica are really oppressive age 2, they can kill all your buildings while sitting out of your tc range and snipe villagers/infantry units for free. bolas aoe snare anything that try to get close while they escape back to their kallankas, and you just have to accept losing your houses and production buildings or sacrifice a large amount of units to scare them off while you try and hit age 3.

imagine if grenadiers were really good and cost the same as a skirmisher, 5 of them one shot any infantry unit and they had 23 siege range.

i think you meant bolas and hauricas, like aztecs let them have macemen. maybe they will finally get to see use.

but kallankas garrisoning in age 2 means they actually are rush proof.

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so in this situation, you have tried going for a forward and got countered?

I think the answer then is to go ff and just send cannons and skirms

edit: that is to say you have already lost

I’ll try them out myself and see, I’d expect crossbows to melt bolas especially age 2 and a couple of cav for the huaracas.

More likely disable Kallanka garrisoning, period.

Or at least make as don’t cut population from the army garrisoned.

Inca can not only saved himself from getting popped, but can also go with like 250 pop by garrisoning military units. It’s sorta silly actually.


well, can’t we get to like 270ish with Aztec big-button techs? At least in theory/long games.
It doesn’t affect things that much for the most part of the match, but in the late-game period these native techs cant get silly, and have been that way for some time :slight_smile:

I think this Kallanka card is completely “uncalled for”. Inca has always been a stacked civilization (and it’s specially true after this patch).

  • The cost of two Kallankas (400w+200c)… the fact they give pop space, they have a special ability and they allow military units to be garrisoned is already WAY too gentle for being an age2 card with no cost.

  • So why in the name of Bill Gates, have they created a card on age2 that ships, not just one…but TWO EXCLUSIVE AGE3 DEFENSIVE BUILDINGS, along with making ALL THEIR AGE3 UNITS AVAILABLE ON AGE2 (which is not just one but 3 UNITS) with NO COST and still let them be REBUILT at any time!!! ??

  • Inca is the only civ that can get all their units on Commerce Age (which btw, act like dragoons and siege/anti-siege units, hitting hard the balance). Any other “Early Unit” card would unlock 1 unit at best and give you a small bonus or units (with a cost). This one unlocks THREE UNITS and gives you 2 BUILDINGS.

  • Seriously? What for? Does their army from Commerce Age lack something?
    Good light infantry? Good heavy infantry? Good shock infantry? Good any-unit-due-minor-civ-bonus? Because they have everything of it.
    (I’m not even mentioning the all infantry ATK/HP¹ cards that were moved to Commerce age, the improved cost² and the improved stats³ of all their units, specially the royal ones.)

Why does the average balance with the new civs always need to be done 15 marks beyond the legacy civs??? Come on devs! This card SHOULD NOT EXIST.


What about Hausa? with the rider card

Does it moves Lifidi to Commerce age? Good. It just proves my point:

And luckily Hausa doesn’t have 3 units to be moved to Commerce Age nor this rider card give them two age3 buildings (because they get everything they need on age2, mercs and alliances :roll_eyes:).

BTW: Javelin Rider is another abomination that doesn’t belong to Commerce Age. A freakin’ dragoon that does 60 damage at range and 50 damage on melee for every swing of arm (breaking the light cav pattern for “reasons”), on top of being the only commerce age dragoon that have bonus vs artillery (and it probably attacks close targets faster for “reasons”). It needs to be toned down a bit.

Hello hausa refugee here, anyone got inca ff build order?

It’s funny, because I warned about this during the pre update, you can see that they ignored me.
Now people are abusing the double kallanka and using bola + huaraca early game.

Chop wood for an extra Kancha ( build 3 in total)
send 3 vils
age up with the Chief ( 2 builder wagons)
gather 300 gold in transition

once in age 2, use one builder wagons for another Kancha- save the other one
send 700 coin
gather food until enough for are up
use fast age up.
You should get to age 3 at about 6:20
use the builder wagon to get a Kallanka and start spaming bolas
can send 10 bolas , then infinite bolas, infinite Hurracas or the renegade lancers

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