Disable Solid Farms by Default in Single Player

I was playing my first full single player game since the July update was released and I soon noticed that the solid farms setting is enabled by default. I was expecting that the setting would be disabled by default so that default game settings were not changed from the previous release. It was frustrating to find out midway through my game that solid farms was enabled by default.


I noticied it as well. Default should be No Legacy. :slight_smile:


Although I think everyone should check match settings before playing, I don’t agree on the fact that it is set to “on” by default.

agreed, people are already confused and some think that they changed the way the farm works.

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What is a ‘solid’ farm and where is there a setting about it?
Farms now cannot be farmed any longer. After building, farmers walk around it without farming. How can I change this? (it seems like a bug).