Disable trade monopoly in treaty

Victory through trade monopoly should be deactivated in the treaty. This was already the case in the original Age3.
In contract games it often happens that one team/player dominates the map and therefore a victory by trade monopoly is easy to achieve. But this does not correspond to the “sense” of a treaty game. The goal is to defeat an opponent through better eco management, strategy and fighting skills.

Please consider disabling the option for treaty games. Thanks!


Or at least make it an option like “blockade”. No real treaty player wants to play 40mins and then win/lose in a few mins cause of trade monopoly.


or at least make that train cannot see enemy troops

Really discouraging to see trade monopoly being enabled in treaty now, I’d hope it’s reverted since the support for enabling it in treaty among anyone playing it is completely unheard of. I’d even go as far as to assume the implementation of this change is probably due to a bug.