Disabled by server maintenance error


I play 1v1 online mod at steam.Sometimes ,it look like I’m falling out of the game while I’m playing.But I’m not drop and i continue to play and I win it.It says “Disconnected due to server maintenance” after game.And I push Multiplayer button for reconnect at main menu. When this happens, steam doesnt give my points after winning a match.This happened to maybe 15-20 times.Please fix this.And give my 200 points.

It happens again again again.

It happened again again again.Half of my 1v1 games are turn to unrated game cuz of this bug.If i lose i always lose points.If i win it says that " Reconnect to multiplayer services" after game and steam doesnt give my points.

see these two games turn to unrated games cuz of this bug.It is really anoyying.You didnt do this game well.Full of bugs…

It happened again again again… Your servers are trash.Stop killing aoc community.This happens to my friends also.Please fix this and give my points.I waste my time and steam doesnt give my points lol