Disabled MODS at each AOE2 launching

GAME BUILD : 101.101.58259.0 0
GAME PLATFORM : Microsoft Store

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED
Since the patch 58259 from 31.01.22,
all my mods are disabled EACH TIME the game is launched
(I have to activate them at ervery starting game)

:arrow_forward: FREQUENCY OF ISSUE

70%** of the time

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

  1. Launch AOE2
  2. Activate mods
  3. Leave AOE2
  4. Launch AOE2 → Mods are disabled
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 again etc…

:arrow_forward: EXPECTED RESULT
to activate only one time mods after each AOE 2 update.
(the best would be to not have to do that …)

:arrow_forward: IMAGE

Thanks you for fixing it please

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Hi @Moussaillon5824 !

This does not happen to us, could you try to reinstall the game?


It happens to me too, just not every time I start the game. Probably about 20% of the time. So every time I start the game I check if my mods have been disabled and re-enable them and restart if needed. Also mods that resize or relocate the minimap don’t work, not sure if this is related. This happens after the latest patch, before was ok.

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Same issue for me, although it doesn’t appear to be 100% of the time. It’s around 80-90%.

I’m also on Microsoft Store.

It happens to me as well 100% of the time. I’m with the last build and with the game from Microsoft Store.

Same for me, expecially after a crash, and I crash a lot when watching replays, usually as soon as someone hits imperial age.
MS store user here.

Same here, all mods disabled at launch (but not 100% of the time, it’s more between 50% and 80%).
I’m using the gamepass version.

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Hi everyone!

Thanks for sharing with us your information. We could reproduce this issue thanks to it! ^-^

We are now tracking this issue!


Thanks, it seems to work now :slight_smile:

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I always thought this was a “feature” not a bug. I had no idea this wasn’t intended behavior of the game each update.

I have been tired of issues with the game bought on Microsoft store.
I bought the game a twice on steam 20€, and now in a lot of situations I have no more issues.

Microsoft, the game is good, but it 's quit a shame to have more issues buying the game on your website platform, as the editor of the game, than on Steam. And spend twice to buy it.