DISAPPOINTED : India patch update

You dont see it on lobbys unlike Japan, Mexico or Sweden who appear in every single game, so something happens there

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its a high skill faction that requires being good at pushing.

sweden last i checked is considered pretty bad now after all the nerfs.

No, these are boat fenders. They are used to absorb shocks during docking. Several types were used through the centuries. As for the type represented here, I don’t know if it was used on Indian boats at this time.

Himalayas is as cold as Arctics.

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And yet they didn’t make one european map that has those.


This is a great excuse in 1v1(which I’m not expert on) BUT also I havent seen most Indian Player winning much in a 1v1 streams either. Even when I hunted for it. The Loss streams as an Indian player are far higher than wins, also, the wins “WERE” mostly composed of the OLD sepoy rush.

Meanwhile there arent even enough players that play the game, as mentioned :

No offence but I cant control my laugh reading this :joy:

And lets suppose its a “high skilled faction” “Oppressive in 1v1s” YET!!! no one plays it :slight_smile:

What does High skill faction even means ?

Does it mean not to be used by everyone ? or anyone playing it below a rank should not play it ?

What makes it a High skill faction ?

Is it the complexity ? I suppose there are africans , even sweden mexico etc that are as complex u can get ? There is dutch that makes vills from gold. Then why dont people call it HIGH skill faction and SO called OP

What is the need of high skill faction ?

Its just a myth.

To hide the less players > coz less playability > coz less wins expected > coz less stats

The reality is VAST majority doesn’t play India, and have made a stereotype that India is OP, coz they’ve only seen PRO players play it.

Yes, you caught us. We all conspired to keep India out of the game, because we are scared.


FINALLY !!! :smiley:
Never would’ve guessed this was a conspiracy #Explored :anguished: #FeelingLikeAnExplorer

no offence then take it up with JulianK, its the truth.

to play india you need to constantly build buildings, need to understand a large variety of good units and keep pushing and punishing mistakes of your opponent, its a strategy that for worse players is hard to execute correctly.

china isn’t easy yet has always been one of the better factions. British also isn’t good if you cant cow-boom so is more or less prohibited from bad players.

except for the houses and some uniqueness to the homecity sweden is a pretty standard faction with good cavalry, reasonable musketeers and good artillery. swedens weakness is eco and lag of some unit roles, but otherwise its a fairly straight forward civ.

its a good faction, its the truth like it or not. its hard to play because its cavalry has weird properties, you need to build a ton of buildings, while pressuring constantly and you lag artillery such as mortars, but india has the tools to overcome those issues.

should a faction be balanced based on noobs or pros? or something in between? that is a larger question that i cant answer for you but india is strong if you know what you are doing. there are lots of factions that are worse even in the european type, malta, russia and dutch are all pretty bad treaty factions.

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most people would probably find it weird, they also truthfully are relatively small, often small enough to where you can walk from 1 end to the other.

so are the Alps and Pyrenees, doesn’t change the fact the arctic is the arctic.


If that were the case, they shouldn’t be one of most popular Treaty civs.

I wish they were as easy as writing them.

Sweden is just another example in long chain of Complex civs, yet doesnt classify as High skill faction. Just name another one ?

So with many other faction, meanwhile India uses wood for vills as well as mohouts :slight_smile: I guess @Ekdal1378 would explain better on this one. I dont have the energy to explain the challanges an Indian player faces in Treaty or longer games.

A simple 1v1 head on, India cant win to most civs. Neither in Eco. Then the additional burden of redundant / inefficient cards and mechanisms.
This is a civ, enough punished in ever game mode, but never revisited, just coz it performED well as sepoy rush.


They are not near half the heights and size of Himalayas though. Himalayas are Himalayas

:100: Agreed. Arctic is Arctic

Also there are some Indian / Indo sphere maps that are named as per the Colonial era : Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Some Islands & Indonesian maps, etc.

Though the Thar Dessert(Hot desset) map is missing, near the home territory of the Rajputs. I think it was in the ESOC map pools previously.
The Gangatic Plains, can be a great map too.
North-East India too can have its own map.
Gujrat and Sindh (West India) can be a very exotics maps too.
And my personal fav suggestion would be the cold dessert of Ladakh

Its hard to play because it has hard times with a lot of civs. In treaty 40 min, “the standard” (and please move out from Andes:

  • Since they dont get factories you have to wait until 25th shipment to begin with your infinite wood source. Europeans have got 2 factories for 20 min and you dont. So, you need more villagers on wood to get the upgrades and stuff. This means that at the beggining you have to be defensive until wood starts to grow for be agressive.

  • You will struggle far from your base as Mansabdars have to reach the battlefield. Pray for them to not get lost or blocked or killed in their way. Unlike daymios they arent horses and they arent that fast as flags are to be set up.

  • Fighting skirmishers, the most common unit on treaty, is a nightmare as they havent got a stable way of getting artillery and mahouts and sowars are bad af. Rockets are good, but then you have to stop your wood factories, needed to keep pushing with buildings.

  • And then we have siege elephants, that are countered by skirmishers… Every indian range counter to canons is weak to skirmishers, add some Heavy infantry and you are done. Melee cavalry is not an efficient way (looking at you aztecs/inca)

  • About deck cards, it is ridicoulous to need 5 training cards. One of them needed to buff sepoys. All we want is to get some merged to recover the flexibily lost. Also, there are others useless in both modes like grazing or very niche that seems a bad joke like green jackets (that is a must to have one)

  • Moving 10% from imperial sepoy to an optional age IV card is not a good idea to balance supremacy, as it is reachable sooner.

  • If It is that OP in supremacy why people is against some changes to benefit lategame over supremacy. For example, we can move technologies to a mosque in consulate by removing minutemen or azaps. Their consulate is the most useless on treaty.

  • Wonders:

  1. The existance of economic theory and after addition of granaries first, and then teepees change, Karni Mata seems a great bad joke on indian players. Is it that OP in supremacy to boost it a bit? Then we can boost it just on agriculture stats, a lategame thing. India doesnt get that much economic cards while their units are the most expensive.

2)Tower of Victory, I think I hadnt to explain this, but a 15 seconds effect is nothing. What if it gives a promotion rank permanently?? Idk it would rewards keep units alived while it would last a bit longer on treaty matches. Just an idea.

  • Their only economic bonus in lategame are 4 villagers from the consulate, a meme since you need to kill them to train pop heavy expensive units while always you need sepoys (weak vs skirms) to keep building to not lose land.

In short, playing some civs feels like devs want you to sweat and if you can win a single battle then your units are OP and have to be nerfed.
People who complain about these civs dont realize that players of this civs win not because the Civ is super strong, but because a player who can play it will have a lot of skill. So you encounter a too bad or a too good player.

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India a high tier civ in both 1v1 and team games at the competitive level. Maybe not in treaty mode (I don’t play that), but these nerfs are not over the top. India do not in fact have many bad matchups. They are pretty solid vs most civs, just no longer op. Rajput will still be fine vs intended counters. Now they can’t just be spammed vs every unit (same with Sepoy).


Most people who call India OP doesnt play India much either.

There are inherent defects in the civ,


it as OP/High Skill civ/High tier civ

is just ignoring

the loads of issue that it carries.

And that reflects in its player counts.

There are bad implementations and tons of issue in the deck and cards that needs to be addressed.

Each and every defect mentioned above are very valid concerns for the civ.

India has an above average win rate and many good match ups, they have a full unit roster in age 2. Zamburaks are also 1 of the most efficient dragoon type units in the game.

I don’t think rajputs needed to be nerfed at all but as is the custom these days whiners usually get what they want, however they were not what made india a strong civ as india was always this strong before rajputs got a bit of a buff.

You shouldn’t complain so much about a small nerf, hausa have almost the same xp penalty as india and they only get an unfattened cow yet india get a villager with every shipment. You can build agra fort mid map and force me to idle villagers and make units while you continue making villagers uncontested and the xp you get from fighting gives you more free villagers.

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I agree to your point to some extent, but this is not about just the Rajput nerf, this is the fourth unecessary/unthoughtful / unsincere update.

It about all the ignored updates , missed opportunities, and redundant cards, and nerf over nerf, to the civ.

That shouldn’t the civ should be reduced to. Also everyone knows how to defend from it anyways.

And that stereotypical sepoy rush too, is not what it used to be ages ago. They had to give more cards and research just to get the elephants on levels to compete with the new civs. And yet teh units are not on par with other.
But neither the eco is on par.

This simply says that either u make That fort/outpost in age1 or pretty much get out boomed or killed.

Disagreed, 60f 60g 1pop 120hp? no thnx. maybe usable in age2. but redundant after that. all ur resource goes to waste. Also gold income is very slow for India.

This is civ that cant even stand 1v1 face-off for long, meanwhile there are civ in the game that can handle 1v2 by their design.

India needs a new building or merging of some cards to create a breathing room in the deck. Along with sligh balance changes. This will make it a truely revived civ of a current DE.

Currently, as an India player you can NEVER play alone, as MAIN civ in team/treaty against any of the popular civs.

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Do you see fair having 5 cards for just training times? Fair to have a poorer economy with most expensive units? There is no flexibility on indian deck due to lack of techs

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I speak only as a 1v1 player, so in my case nobody uses train times and eco cards aren’t used much either so the extra villager india receive is what gives them an economic boost in 1v1.

If they have so many train time cards then they should merge them as they have done with other civs.